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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 15 Day 6


Busy day at work but we have plenty of help. So it's actually not too bad. And I started early at 7am so I get out at 4pm. I like days like these. They don't ruin the whole day. I am making a spiral ham in the crockpot here for samples. It's so simple I don't know why more people don't do it. Buy a spiral ham(has to be already fully cooked. Most usually are) and pull the slices off and put them in a crockpot with the glaze packet that comes with and some water to cover about half of the slices. Turn it on high for about 45 mins to an hour and its warm and ready to eat. You don't have to cook it again because its already fully cooked. Just heat and serve. Stays juicy and delicious. They usually dry out in the oven.

My store manager was really nice to me today. Must be afraid of me now or something. Another coworker told me that he heard him talking about me to my dept manager yesterday. He said he was surprised that I confronted him like that and that it takes balls to do that. I don't know if that's good or bad but I don't care I'm not getting walked all over.

My wife is dying her hair at home. Apparently it's safe to do while pregnant and even better if your past the first trimester. A quick google search told me that.

I really need new work boots. The only ones I like are from Walmart. Might have to stop and get some today.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 15 Day 5


By the time I got home last night and ate dinner. I was too tired to update. However quite a bit happened yesterday afternoon.

About an hour after I got to work they told me they are changing the schedule and I would have to work 8-4 on Easter Sunday. Now we have never worked on Easter in the past. Also, according to my union, Thursday is too late to change the schedule without me agreeing to it. It has to be done by Wednesday, from then it is final. I already have two family parties planned for Easter because I knew we were off. When I told them no sorry I can't do it, they basically said too bad it's already changed and the store manager wants to be open on Easter now. I called around to a few of my ex coworkers that are at other stores now that know our union rights very well. They all said absolutely not, they cannot do that and to call and tell my union rep.

Instead of causing those kind of problems I simply went up to my store manager and said "Look, I will not be here Sunday." He asked why not? I said because it is Easter and I have plans already, maybe if it was considered a holiday(which I would make double time and a half. Worth it) but I don't even make time and a half. His sarcastic response was "I'm sorry about that." I went on to explain my union rights and that they cannot change the schedule on a Thursday and a few other points to which he told me that I am yelling at him. Now come on, if you know me you would know I was most likely NOT yelling at anyone. But talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. He's very manipulative with his words and if you go to him about one thing, you walk out 15 minutes later thinking to yourself "What just happened? Did he even answer my question?"

Anyways he told me to figure it out with my direct manager. Which still really isn't even my problem considering I shouldn't have been put in this situation in the first place. But I did, and got it straightened out. I am off Easter.

For the first time in 7.5 years I actually stood up for myself and exercised my union rights.


I ran to my mom's house this morning to pick up some of our mail. I switched a lot of my addresses over to our new address this morning as well. So hopefully I will have less and less going to my moms. Just have to keep remembering to switch it because I have so many different bills and banks and stuff I know I didn't change them all yet. I also washed my car since it has been in the 50's and sunny. My car hasn't had a bath in a while. I like it so I guess it deserved one.

Came home around noon and my wife was off work. She had a half day today for Good Friday. We went to the Dollar Tree and Super Target for a few things. Got a baking sheet at Target and some things at the dollar store. We got some Easter decorations there too(see pic). At Target she wanted to look at the maternity clothes(she's getting a little bump) because she will be needing them soon. She is starting to get uncomfortable in her jeans and work pants. Then of course we had to walk through all the baby aisles. She is so ready to have a baby its unbelievable. I think for men it's more exciting when the child is actually here and that's when reality hits more. Being pregnant, the baby is not really a part of us like it is with the woman. It's just different.

We then went to ALDI. I love ALDI. By the pictures you will see that we probably don't need anymore groceries for a long time! Anyways we loaded up our cart pretty good and the total came out around 60 dollars. It would easily have been over 100 anywhere else(except maybe Walmart l). Their food is actually good too, things like ketchup and mustard at ALDI are very comparable in taste to Heinz and Kraft. But half the price.

She doesn't get sick anymore. She is always forgetting to take her prenatal vitamins too. I'm not that strong of a believer that you need to take stuff like that. They didn't have half of the things like they do now when I was born and let's face it, I am perfect! (Just kidding!)

Have to be up at 5:30am and at work by 7am. Will be busy tomorrow. So I better get some rest!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 15 Day 4


Late start for me today. 1pm. I was able to finally get a work out in this morning. I have my weights and stuff set up in the baby's room for now. I haven't been able to work out for like 2 weeks now. I'm making myself a quick lunch then have to hop in the shower. I won't see my wife pretty much at all today, until about 9:45pm when I get home. And she will be getting ready to go to sleep. :/

I'm still debating on what TV/Internet service to get here. It looks like directv is the most reasonable. We aren't huge television watchers so the extra channels don't really matter much. As long as I can get the hockey games! And wifi Internet is the most important. I use that a lot!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 15 Day 3


Another easy day at work. The store I'm at now is a much easier/better one to work at than my last. Coworkers actually help and it makes my life a lot easier. Anyways I would expect it to be busier since Easter is this weekend. I started a cubed pork shoulder early when I got there this morning. Took the bone out and cubed it and browned it in my handy electric skillet. I then let it simmer with some water and pan juices for about an hour. I added some Frontera Carnitas Sauce that comes in a packet to give it flavor. I then serve it as samples with some fresh lime squeezed over it and sour cream and chopped cilantro(pic). They are really good. People around here are kind of snobby/rich white people that don't appreciate good Mexican food though. Oh well. More for me.


Finished off the pork carnitas and threw a piece of tilapia in the remaining sauce and made a few fish tacos. Wow were they good! My wife texted me and said she was getting Chipotle for lunch. I said who needs that when you have these, and sent her a pic of the tacos.

We need to get all of our mail changed to our new address. Will probably take a while but eventually it will get done. The post office left us an address change card to fill out in our mailbox so that's a helpful start.


After work I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I left my wife's car phone charger there so I needed to pick it up. My grandpa just got an iPhone (hilarious, he is really into computers and technology). So I was helping him learn how to use it. I showed him how to text message and downloaded Facebook app for him. Yes, he also has Facebook. I also had to use their printer to take care of some paperwork for our lease.

About 3 hours later(slow computers and trying to teach an 80 year old how to work an iPhone), I got home. We made some burgers and fries for dinner. We have been relaxing ever since, going to watch a movie and get to sleep.

We have an Easter party on Saturday to go to, and two on Sunday. The perks/hassles of having several sides of the family.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 15 Day 2


Well, I am on lunch at work so I guess I'll do some writing. She has been craving spicy and salty foods. She said that she has heard that those kinds of cravings usually point to a boy. I have no idea to be honest. This is just what I'm told. We are planning on finding out in a few more weeks.

She told her HR person at work that she was pregnant and because of regulations or whatever, the HR lady said she was obligated to tell the manager. We were afraid that they would get rid of her for being pregnant however I'm pretty sure that's illegal. She didn't tell them while interviewing because they would most likely judge you just for that, and not hire you based on your actual job skills/knowledge. I agreed that it was the best choice to tell them later after she was hired.

She forgot her lunch at home. Pregnancy brain must be a real pain in the butt. What's up with that? Always spacey and forgetful. Although I am like that on a daily basis.

I just had some leftover spaghetti from last night. Need to learn how to conserve and save money. I usually buy things daily at work to eat on lunch or snack on. I haven't spent a dime the last two days I have worked. That's a good start for me. A record!

My company was recently bought out and we have switched owners. We are privately owned again which is probably a good thing. Today in the break room I saw this(refer to picture!). Which is good because for a while they were only giving us 10% off store brands. It went back to 10% of store brands but also 5% off everything else in the store. It's not like they still aren't making money. Especially after my trip to the dollar store, and witnessed the markup on most things at regular grocery/dept stores. Such a rip off.


My wife was crabby when I got off work. I think it's the hormones. Sometimes it's easier to just not talk to her and she gets over it quickly. Anyways she had a doctors appt and it went well. Our genetics test came back as negative for the baby which is great.

She got home after I did and made dinner. First time I've ever had a steak on a George Foreman grill. Not bad.

We are going to try to get to bed earlier because we have been pretty tired in the morning. We both have to get up earlier for our jobs now. Just put in "Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps" in the DVD player and going to fall asleep.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 15 Day 1


Another busy day. I was off and my wife started her new job. She left at around 7am. Of course she woke me up, but I don't really sleep in anyways. I used to be able to sleep until 2 in the afternoon. Those days are gone.

I did fall back asleep until about 9am when her mom came in and told me that I had better get up so that my wife doesn't come home and ask why I slept all day when there is so much to do! We headed out to explore all the stores in the area to gather some little things we need. We found plenty of things at Dollar Tree. It's amazing the things you can still get for a dollar. Especially since the same items are at the regular department stores for a higher price. Also found a nice big Super Target where we picked up a few things like a toaster oven, crock pot, and small space heater for the entrance way.

We went into the next town over and found a Family Dollar and got another 30 dollars worth of cups and little accessories. Everyone out here is very laid back and friendly. We are out in the country now compared to the city life that we are more used to. We already love it.

Her mom and I grabbed McDonald's for lunch and came back to the place and put everything away. I bought a small storage shelf at Target that I put together quickly before my wife got home from work to make it look like I actually did something today. Haha. Shhhh.

She came home around 5pm and immediately told us how much she loves her new job. She is already learning most of her duties and her past experience has given her a big head start. They were very impressed by what she can already do without direction.

Her and I ran to the currency exchange because she needs a copy of her birth certificate for her job. It takes a few days to receive it though. I never knew you could obtain those records from a currency exchange, learn something new everyday.

After that we stopped at Walmart for a "few" food staples to get us by. Well a few turned into just about everything. She stopped a few times while shopping because of cramps from the baby. They are strong enough for her to make an "ow face" if that makes sense. Happens a couple times a day it seems. We are nice and stocked up now and this place is really starting to feel more like our home.

She made dinner for the first time here. Just some pasta with sauce. We picked up some cheap pans for now and they worked fine for dinner. We used paper plates though because we don't have a regular dinner plate set.

Her mom is going to stay the night again so we are all watching Identity Thief. We both have to work in the morning so early to bed.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 14 Day 7


15 weeks tomorrow. Time is flying by that's for sure!

I'm at work until 5. First day driving from the new place. Took me about 30 minutes. But today is a Sunday so a regular weekday will be longer. Luckily I have a new car that is really efficient on gas.

My wife texted me a little bit ago and said that the kitchen is almost completely finished. Her mom is on her way there to help and is going to stay the night to help tomorrow too. My wife starts her new job tomorrow but I am off so we should be able to get some things done.


Came home to the kitchen in a much better shape. The three of us sorted a lot more stuff. From the moment I walked in(about 5:30pm), until now(10:30pm). There is still quite a bit to do. Our electric bill will probably be pretty high from all the laundry and dish washing and lights being on all day every day.

Right now my wife is writing a list of things we need to get. Mostly little things like a toaster, bread box, glue, cups, etc. She needs to get to bed though because she has to wake up early to start her new job!!

She has been feeling much better. I think morning sickness is a thing of the past. Now she just gets weird stomach pains occasionally.

Week 14 Day 6


Finally getting to my blog. Worn out today. I took the day off of work to rent a uhaul trailer and move everything to the new place. Luckily my wife's family came along to help and my grandpa let me borrow his truck. We are thankful for everyone that has helped us with all of this lately.

I was surprised to see how much we really had. We filled a 6'x12' trailer plus the back of the truck bed. Barely. Our home is FILLED with boxes and accessories, food, bathroom and bedroom completely furnished, most of the kitchen furnished. My wife has had apartments so she's accumulated some necessities. That helps us out though. I also used to email companies and tell them how much I love their products and ask for free things. I have tons of condiments, shirts, mugs, you name it, from that too.

I have to work tomorrow but she is going to continue sorting all day. I think she said her mom was coming by to help also. Which is good because she already organized all of our clothes/closet today.

As we have been going through our stuff we've noticed a few of our nicer things have gone missing. I have a whole bag of Fiskars scissor products that are brand new. The two nicest pair are missing. Everything was together in that bag. I don't think two pairs of heavy duty unopened scissors could fall out and nobody see them. Also she said a Swarovski picture frame is missing. No pointing fingers but hopefully they turn up somewhere soon.

Alright our sheets are done in the dryer. Time to get some sleep after such a long day!
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