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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 21 Day 6


Almost lost my wife and baby today. She just called me at work hysterical because a van was coming at her head on in her lane while she was driving home from the dentist. She was on a country road and they came over into her lane, forcing her into the ditch with nowhere else to go. The van ended up in the ditch as well, from trying to avoid last minute. They then tried to leave and my wife followed them until the police caught up and arrested them. Two older guys, drunk. Could have been a really bad day. 

Anyways I am finishing up my break, and going in to start cutting. Finally. 


Did a lot of cutting so far today! I like it a lot. It is not easy work, but to me it's fun. Glad to finally have the opportunity. 

My wife is going to a local market for some fresh fruit and veggies. We need to eat better, fresh veggies and fruit are a good start. Fruit you have to be careful with though, some have a lot of natural sugar occurring in them, so moderation is best. Hopefully she grabs some avocados. High in fat but GOOD fats, they are considered a superfood. Lots of health benefits. Plus they taste great. 


We went to a grocery store that neither of us have ever been to. It's just a local employee-owned store. HOLY CRAP was it HUGE! I have heard other people talk about it before but never seen it, or have been there. It was really cool, all the aisles had brick-paved floors, low-ceilings, and tons of space. I have never seen so many different products in one building. It was like a Sam's Club, or Costco, but not in bulk. Anyways we got a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, and a few other things, for a pretty reasonable price.

We are married, but we haven't had an actual formal wedding. Hopefully we will be able to in a couple years after the baby isn't an infant anymore. It would be cool to have our daughter as part of our wedding. She has been looking online at wedding-related things (as well as LOTS of baby shower things!). For dresses she really likes and their big selection of wedding dresses. Mostly because the dresses on their are so cheap too. We are a little weary to order from online, but they have a promising guarantee on their products and service. For the right price, anything is worth it. Check them out if you are in the market. I know how special the wedding day, and right wedding dress can be for a bride.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 21 Day 5


Well, we still are undecided on a name. Tonight would be a good night to sit down, come up with a serious list, narrow it down, and decide on a name. I know, that once she comes out, the name will pop into our heads and it might change. I just have a feeling. She is going to be one of those babies that just looks like her name.

If you notice, I have added a few more pages to the blog.

-There is now a Resources page where I have compiled some of my favorite websites. There is also printable coupons! Who doesn't like coupons?

-The Subscribe page is for your RSS feed. You can subscribe via Feedburner and get all of my blog and anybody else's blog's update all in one convenient place. I use iGoogle for the other blogs that I follow.

-You can now Contact Me with any questions or inquiries. I will try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Because this blog is gaining popularity quickly, I am considering moving from Blogger, to my own separate server. My wife and I will have to make that decision in the near future. Blogger is free, but very limited to what I can do and personalize. We'll see. I would love some feedback about our blog! Anything you would like to see? More information you want? Something you don't like? Let me know!

Belly Pic, Straight on this morning. Getting bigger!

Starting the morning right again! Made a 5-egg omelette for myself with some Cholula Chipotle hot sauce.


Now THAT is good!

I have to work at 1pm today. No fun, but hey, it's an income. Can't really complain. Not sure if I will be cutting today or not, but most likely not. I'm usually the gofer when I work nights. At least I will have another coworker there with me, for a while we were by ourselves at night. BORING

I am excited because I am off next Monday. My wife has another ultrasound Monday afternoon and since I have missed the last couple, I can finally make it to this one! I wasn't able to be at the last ultrasound where she found out it was a girl. I would have really liked to be a part of that but I couldn't due to work. She has a DVD of the ultrasound so that helps recreate the experience somewhat.

Ok, that is enough writing for one morning! Make sure to check out the new pages, and send me some feedback! Thanks!


Only an hour and a half left of work. Pretty much everything is already done so now it's time to play the "watch the clock and wait" game. It's one of the worst games that I have ever played. 

My wife says I spend too much time on the computer. Which is pretty true. I get caught up in what I am interested in at the moment. So tonight when I get home I am spending time with her. No computer, no iPhone, no iPad. Just her. 

Before I go I wanted to show these new Quinoa burgers I found at the grocery store. I am not sure if they are as beneficial to your health as real regular Quinoa. But I thought it was interesting. And new. A little pricey though. But so is Quinoa in general. I really like it. My wife doesn't care for it. Loaded with protein. 

Oh and a cool picture I found. It makes my day at work not seem so bad...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 21 Day 4


There are a few Facebook pages that I follow. They have some good information and entertainment for expecting mothers/fathers. You might want to check them out if you are interested. 

And of course my fan page -

I get a few laughs out of watching her try to fit into her old jeans(she doesn't think it's very funny, but she jokes around back with me). She knows she's pregnant, it's going to happen. Luckily for her, she is only getting bigger in her belly, she doesn't seem to be gaining much anywhere else.

We need to figure out what hospital she would like to deliver at. We have two close options. One is a 
"Level 3", meaning that they have a little bit better equipment and staff for if something were to go wrong. 
The other is a little bit closer, and has maternity suites. More comfortable for her and I, and has great reviews, 
however is only considered a "Level 2". Her doctor told her that he recommends that she does
 the maternity suites because it is less like a hospital and more like a home, and because she is healthy 
and has no complications. Now if something were to come up later on, and he thought that she was
 going to be premature or have problems, he would have her go to the "Level 3". Monday nights they
 give tours of the maternity suites in "Level 2" so I think we are going to go check them out soon. 


I have been messing with my blog for the last couple hours. Sometimes I want to change the layout and sometimes I don't. Does anybody have opinions on what they would like to see?

Our daughter has been kicking like crazy the past week or so. And of course my wife always says, "Wow, your daughter is hungry again!" I'm not sure if I buy that statement or not, but she sure eats a lot! Must be our daughter, because my wife still looks great. I am more attracted to her now than I ever was before. Weird... They say that's normal though.

She made me a root-beer float last night, and it was delicious, but this morning I decided, that was enough. I have to start eating healthier, and so should she. For the most part, she eats better than I do. For the second half of last year, I got really into working out and eating healthy. I lost around 20 lbs in just a couple months. I use my FitBit step tracker, combined with the iPhone app MyFitnessPal. Both of those work in harmony with each other and make your goals more achievable.

So this morning I made myself a nice healthy, protein-packed breakfast. Four scrambled eggs, a cup of old-fashioned oatmeal(sweetened with cinnamon and Agave Nectar which is much better for you than regular sugar), Fage 2% Plain Greek Yogurt(LOVE this stuff, 0% is really good too if you want NO fat), and a hefty scoop of plain old peanut butter. I LOVE hot sauce, but I especially love Cholula on eggs(and just about anything else, too). Hot sauce gives you a complex flavor boost to just about anything, without the sugar and fat of other condiments (like ketchup or BBQ sauce! Terrible!). Unless you are worried about your sodium intake, hot sauce is much better for you.


My wife is making me some tuna salad concoction for dinner. I'm not too sure what she is putting in it but it looks good so far. She is eating leftover pasta from yesterday. She is afraid to eat tuna because she was told to limit high-mercury fish to only once a month. I think that's crap, but she follows the rules better than I do. Oh wow, she just put the plate down in front of me. Impressive...


We are both cuddled up on the couch getting ready to watch the Blackhawks game. I have some Tostitos Scoops and Herdez Taquera Salsa for a snack. This salsa is the BEST! It is pretty hot, but man, is it good. It reminds me of the hot salsa from Chipotle. The red one, made with chile de arbol. Yum!

Here is my wife's prego belly pic. As you can see she still isn't very big. For 21 weeks pregnant. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 21 Day 3


Up nice and early on my day off. Cleaned up around the house a little bit, have laundry going, and just finished a work out. Supposed to be nice out again today so I'm hoping to get a little motorcycle ride in before 1pm. I have to be home for delivery anywhere from 1pm-4pm. They always ruin the nice days off for me! At least this is the last furniture set that we need for a while. Bedroom set is next but that can wait. 

My wife's friend had her baby. She showed me a picture this morning. He's really cute. I hope our little girl is cute but I already know she will be! I think her mother has more dominant traits so probably will look more like her, which is not a bad thing!


I went out for a quick ride around 12:30pm. It's almost too warm out. Well, no, it's never too warm. But I actually pulled into the subdivision a few minutes after 1pm directly behind the furniture delivery truck. Because our building is tricky to find amongst the rest, I was able to sneak past them by taking a different drive through the subdivision. They never knew I wasn't even home! The table and chairs look and fit great! We love it! 

Once my wife gets it all situated in the dining area how she wants it I will put up a photo. 


I am watching the Bulls vs. Heat basketball game while my wife makes dinner. I think she is making some Grilled Chicken Pasta with Vodka Sauce (no, not alcoholic). The Bulls won the last game in the playoff series vs. the Heat but tonight they are getting walked all over. I'm not much of a basketball fan but the playoffs have been pretty entertaining. Plus, I watch the Blackhawks and they usually alternate days where each sport plays. The bulls one night and then the Blackhawks the next night. There's always something to watch. 

I don't think we are going to eat dinner at our new table because we don't have a tablecloth or placements for it. Would hate to scratch it already. 

Ok as I am writing this I guess I am wrong.  She is setting the table now. Dinner time!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 21 Day 2


Wow, it's hot in my car! It says it's 83 degrees outside. But the sun is beating down right into my black interior. Hey, it's better than cold!

Not too much going on this morning. Sometimes that's a good thing. We get our dining room set tomorrow. Pretty excited about that!


One of my wife's friends went into labor a little while ago. She is all excited about it. We didn't know she was pregnant until recently. We don't see many of our friends much anymore. I guess things change when you get older. Priorities change, locations change, and it's harder to keep in touch. Sometimes I miss being in my teens. But you can't be young forever. 

First day I have had to turn my a/c on to sit in my car on lunch. I will have to start bringing my lunch inside I guess. Don't need to be wasting an hour of gas everyday. 

Cooked up some bacon this morning for samples. Now this afternoon I made hot Italian sausage. My other employees said they really missed my cooking while I was on vacation!


My wife had a doctor's appt today after work. She almost forgot about it actually. She goes on Monday for her next ultrasound. I am hoping I can get off of work Monday, which I usually am, so that I can actually attend an appt instead of miss them all. I haven't been to one since the very first one at like 10 weeks was it? I can't remember. A while ago is all I know!

I was able to do some cutting at work today. I love it. I hope I can do more and more and get away from what I do now. That's my ultimate goal, and to move up higher in position. It will take some time but I'm pretty confident about it. 

Anyways, I am starting my "weekend" today, aka I am off the next two days. Going to get a few things around the house done tomorrow. My "grown-up" chores is what I like to consider them. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 21 Day 1


Break time. Haven't heard much from my wife. She must be staying busy at work. Which is good for job security. I will be cutting again today at work. I even got a training manual. My boss said it's like my "meat bible".

Another beautiful day outside. 75 and sunny right now.


On lunch, going to start cutting when I get back. My store manager just talked to me about how he is proud of me but at the same time counting on me as well. Only a few people company-wide were given the same position as I was. It's actually pretty rare. So he said luckily he acted on it right away when he saw it was available and was able to help me get the position. Guess I better not slack!


Go Bulls! I'm not a huge basketball fan but game 1 of the 2nd playoff series against the Miami Heat was pretty entertaining. The Heat are on fire, but the Bulls beat them. Even without a lot of their main players.

Had some jalapeƱo burgers for dinner that my wife made. We have both been really tired today. Not too sure why. Hopefully I'll have some more energy tomorrow. I have to work but then off on Wednesday and Thursday. We get our dining room set delivered on Wednesday. So that's exciting! Still have to make some room for it.

Felt some more kicking today. Wasn't as strong as the last time though.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 20 Day 7


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

As Ellen Degeneres says "I love Cinco De Mayo! Cinco stands for 5, and De Mayo stands for Shots of Tequila!"

Beautiful day here at work. My first day back after my vacation. Walked in with a coat on, now I'm outside on break, and it looks like I will be leaving it in the car. 76 and sunny.

I want everyone to remember that, whatever I post on my blog is what I am feeling/doing at that very moment. Hence the dates and times when I post. Feeling and emotions change daily. Everything I post I think twice about. If I feel it's going to cause a problem, I have already thought about it. Remember, this is a diary. It's meant to be read from the most recent post, to the oldest. That's all. Just because I feel a certain way one day, doesn't mean that won't change on the next. At the same time, things need to be brought to other's attention. Whether it be straightforward, or generalized. If it gets through then the point was made. And hopefully it helps or makes things better in the long run.

Wife is getting her nails done. Then hopefully she goes through some of her clothes because like every girl, she has way too many! Our closet needs to get bigger or something!


I was able to start cutting a little bit today at work. I did some basic boneless meat, and then they had me cutting bone-in pork on the bandsaw. I was nervous at first, but after a few chops were cut, it was no big deal. Just have to be careful with my hand placement and always respect the saw. The guys that don't, are the ones that cut their fingers off. 

We had some Mexican food for dinner. Tried a new local place that had good reviews on Yelp. I had a torta and my wife had flautas. It was all really good, perfect for Cinco De Mayo. Relatively cheap as well.

The baby was kicking while we were eating. Maybe she doesn't like Mexican food and was ticked off. Or maybe, if she is anything like her parents, she already LOVES it. We are both huge mexican food fans. Actually we like just about any ethnic food. Mexican, Polish, Italian, Indian, German, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, you name it we like it. But, this was the most prominent kicking I have ever felt. The first few times were more like a barely, "I think I felt it" kind of thing. This kicking was FOR SURE. A great experience but almost a little freaky for me. It's just weird to think that there is another human being inside her body. Soo weird!

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