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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 21 Day 6


Almost lost my wife and baby today. She just called me at work hysterical because a van was coming at her head on in her lane while she was driving home from the dentist. She was on a country road and they came over into her lane, forcing her into the ditch with nowhere else to go. The van ended up in the ditch as well, from trying to avoid last minute. They then tried to leave and my wife followed them until the police caught up and arrested them. Two older guys, drunk. Could have been a really bad day. 

Anyways I am finishing up my break, and going in to start cutting. Finally. 


Did a lot of cutting so far today! I like it a lot. It is not easy work, but to me it's fun. Glad to finally have the opportunity. 

My wife is going to a local market for some fresh fruit and veggies. We need to eat better, fresh veggies and fruit are a good start. Fruit you have to be careful with though, some have a lot of natural sugar occurring in them, so moderation is best. Hopefully she grabs some avocados. High in fat but GOOD fats, they are considered a superfood. Lots of health benefits. Plus they taste great. 


We went to a grocery store that neither of us have ever been to. It's just a local employee-owned store. HOLY CRAP was it HUGE! I have heard other people talk about it before but never seen it, or have been there. It was really cool, all the aisles had brick-paved floors, low-ceilings, and tons of space. I have never seen so many different products in one building. It was like a Sam's Club, or Costco, but not in bulk. Anyways we got a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, and a few other things, for a pretty reasonable price.

We are married, but we haven't had an actual formal wedding. Hopefully we will be able to in a couple years after the baby isn't an infant anymore. It would be cool to have our daughter as part of our wedding. She has been looking online at wedding-related things (as well as LOTS of baby shower things!). For dresses she really likes and their big selection of wedding dresses. Mostly because the dresses on their are so cheap too. We are a little weary to order from online, but they have a promising guarantee on their products and service. For the right price, anything is worth it. Check them out if you are in the market. I know how special the wedding day, and right wedding dress can be for a bride.

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