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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 16 Day 6


Working all day. Not much going on. My wife is in another state for her cousin's baby's 1st birthday party. She seems crabby and stressed out today so maybe it's good she's in another state!

Our Directv installer came this morning only to tell us we need to go through the company that is contracted to our homes. Like a "cable broker" I guess. Called them and they are coming on Monday to hook up our cable and Internet. I guess two more days isn't that big of a deal. Was just excited to finally have it today. Oh well.


Had chili's for dinner. They have a 2 for $20 deal going on and their food is pretty good. Plus it's enough for leftovers. We ended up out by the restaurant because we had to guide her mom back to the highway from our new place. I had a margarita and it was pretty decent. Our appetizer was good too. Crispy onions and jalepenos. Of course she asked for extra jalepenos because she has been craving so much spicy food lately.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 16 Day 5


My wife is already off to work and I am off today. There is a lot to do! She took my car so that I can get hers cleaned real well. We are taking it to the wedding tonight and it needs to look better than it does. So I think I'm going to get moving here pretty quickly because I have that to do, a haircut at 12:30, pick up dry cleaning at 3, then the wedding reception this evening about 45 minutes away. Oh and then work in the morning. Yuck. I hate working the day after weddings. Can't have as much fun.

This morning she wore jeans to work but was really struggling with some of them. She has definitely gained some weight but that's obviously expected. Her boobs are also about two sizes bigger than ever.


Well the reception started 15 minutes ago but we are about to leave the house. My wife didn't get home until almost 5pm and then had to take a shower and change and do hair and makeup. So we will be late, like always. Hope we don't miss dinner!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 16 Day 4


Pretty uneventful day so far. I'm working until 6. My wife thinks she can feel the baby now by pushing on her stomach. I tried and I'm not too sure but it does seem like it. Pretty cool. She got her first paycheck yesterday so now we can finally have an idea of what to base our income off of. To help figure out finances. I think we will be fine.


Well I am sitting at the nail salon waiting for her to get all that girly stuff done. I think I am going to be high from the fumes.

I am actually sitting in one of the pedicure chairs waiting and the little Asian lady turned on the massage for me. Wow. I think I like it here after all.

We dropped off some clothes at the dry cleaner because we have my cousin's wedding tomorrow night. Nothing like last minute you know?

Going to run across the street to kohls and Maurice's if we have time. She needs a new dress for tomorrow. If there's one reasonably priced.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 16 Day 3


Passed out as soon as I got home last night. My wife was sleeping when I got home, but she got up and took a shower and made her lunch for today.

I was a few minutes late to work this morning. Actually it's quite a story. I have the option of two ways to work right when you leave our subdivision. One way is faster but has train tracks and the other goes a little out of the way but there is a bridge over the tracks. I didn't see any trains so I opted for the shortcut route. Sure enough, as soon as I approached the tracks the gates went down and lights started flashing. So I decided to turn around and go back the other way. As soon as I'm turned around I noticed it was a few second long metra commuter train. So instead of continuing back I turned back around again. This time I turn around and the LIGHTS and GATES start up AGAIN! I'm thinking to myself "you have got to be kidding me!" So I wait a few seconds while approaching the gates thinking maybe it will be another fast train. Some time goes by and I don't see a train so I decide I need to turn around again and take the other route. Must be a slow train coming. I turn around, start heading the other direction, look in the rearview and the lights shut off and gates are going up. No train at all. False alarm. WHAT IS GOING ON! I turn back around for the fourth time and fly through the open gates. I must have looked like an idiot basically driving in circles in the middle of the road. Then there was an accident on the last main road which had traffic all backed up. Oh well I made it.

Have been making food all morning. Slow day at work. I made bacon, then some beef tenderloin tips with mushrooms, now I have some Texas taco beef going.

My wife called me right before she got to work this morning crying and shook up because I guess someone passed her under a bridge and almost hit her and almost putting her into the wall. She is ok.


Lunch break is just about over. I called my bank to change my address on my account. Their verification question for me was to give them an exact amount of a recent transaction. I was stumped. Is it normal to remember exact amounts of transactions? I sure don't. I'm at work I don't have any receipts or bank statements on me. I just gave them my name, acct number, social security number, but that's not enough. After a minute I gave them my car loan payment but I don't even know the exact amount of that. They accepted it and changed my address. I think they need to come up with a better question for people like me who can't even remember what we did yesterday let alone an exact transaction amount. Jeez.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 16 Day 2


The baby is the size of an avocado now. About the length of your palm. Wow that's crazy. It will start growing pretty quickly now. We are almost half way through the pregnancy already. Time sure flies by.


We were pretty much out of everything today at work. Until our new shipment got there about an hour ago. Then it is rush, rush, rush, to get all the new product refilled. There are three of us here tonight so it wasn't hard to do. I get off in about an hour then it's straight home and to bed and back in the morning. What a life. There's so much to do at home and neither of us ever get a chance. We are always worn out from work and busy on our days off.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 16 Day 1


Can't believe it's April already. Can't wait to get back on the motorcycle! However it's up for sale because it isn't something we need anymore. (Hopefully nobody buys it until after summer. Shhh).

Yesterday was Easter and our 3 year anniversary(from the day we ever started dating). Now today starts week 16 and is April fool's! I need to think of something clever to do to my wife. Hmmm.

Easy day at work, just some cleaning up to do from Easter. My poor wife texted me and said that somebody dropped her whole lunch on the ground at work so she had to buy a new one(maybe its just an excuse. Probably). I had banana pudding and raviolis.

I forgot to mention that a couple days ago we were watching a movie and she told me that she was feeling real emotional for no reason. Then she just started crying out of nowhere and she didn't know why. I will never understand pregnancy hormones.


My wife forgot her keys at home so when she came here after work she couldn't get in. She got home about an hour before I got off work and I'm about 45 minutes away. There would be no point for her to drive all the way to my work to get my keys so she just went to Kohl's and walked around for a little bit until I got home. I can't say I'm surprised. She is always forgetting/misplacing things. I made her put her house keys on her car key ring so that she can't leave without them.

She made some tilapia for dinner and did some laundry. I was able to get a quick workout in and now we are going to watch Hall Pass and go to sleep. Lunches are made for tomorrow and it's only 9:30pm! Going to bed early is great.

We have noticed she is starting to get more acne on her back. She never really had any before.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 15 Day 7



My wife is already making me breakfast. Apple jacks and a "Bagel-ful". Yum.

Last night we ordered our living room set. Finally. Got a great deal and even talked them down more. We have to wait til the end of April before we will have them. Also went to Target and got some new stools for the kitchen bar(pic). She bought rugs and a coffee pot, a wireless router because directv is coming on Saturday for cable TV and Internet. So we are pretty much set now except for the dining room. We just use the kitchen bar for now. It's not a huge priority.

Spent most of last night putting together these stools. Actually fell asleep on the floor mid-assembly. Oh well they are done now and much better than the single wooden stool we had before.


We went to my cousin's new house for my family's side for Easter. Beautiful home! It's older but the inside is very modern and updated. We liked it a lot. The food was really good too. Ham, asparagus, potatoes, and the desserts! My aunt always makes the best desserts! She also surprised us with some new dinner plate sets and some of my grandparents old pots and pans. That helps us out a lot. Now we can finally make food on the stove and stop using paper plates!

We went to my wife's parents house after. Of course I ate again there (she didn't. She was still full). They had salmon and ham and a really tasty and mustardy potato salad. Yum. I ended up passing out on the couch because I drank all day long(not something I usually do, still really tired as I write this). I wasn't drunk. I just get tired when I drink. It was a long day.

We came home with a lot more stuff for the house!
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