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Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 16 Day 5


My wife is already off to work and I am off today. There is a lot to do! She took my car so that I can get hers cleaned real well. We are taking it to the wedding tonight and it needs to look better than it does. So I think I'm going to get moving here pretty quickly because I have that to do, a haircut at 12:30, pick up dry cleaning at 3, then the wedding reception this evening about 45 minutes away. Oh and then work in the morning. Yuck. I hate working the day after weddings. Can't have as much fun.

This morning she wore jeans to work but was really struggling with some of them. She has definitely gained some weight but that's obviously expected. Her boobs are also about two sizes bigger than ever.


Well the reception started 15 minutes ago but we are about to leave the house. My wife didn't get home until almost 5pm and then had to take a shower and change and do hair and makeup. So we will be late, like always. Hope we don't miss dinner!

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