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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 13 Day 5


We got up early today and headed out to see some rentals. We really liked both of them and are sort of in a crunch to get our own place anyways. So that's good. We submitted an application on the bigger place. Wish us luck!

We stopped at a local mexican place that is always fantastic. Best tortas I have ever had. EVER. My wife always gets pozole(mexican pork and hominy soup), which is also really good. Oh yea and I had a "Toro". Or at least that's what they call it. It's a margarita with a small bottle of Corona tipped into it. It mixes in slowly as you drink it. Wow are they good! She had a Horchata (mexican rice water drink, also awesome), and they had it colored green for St. Patty's Day. You know, an Irish Mexican drink....

After we were done eating lunch, we stopped at a few furniture stores. We don't have any living room furniture so we wanted to see some ideas and costs. The first place we went, which was packed with customers, was way too expensive for what you got. Then we went to Value City furniture and they had a sectional that we liked a lot. Finally, we stopped at an Ashley Furniture Warehouse. Wow do they have some great deals on nice furniture. We found a chocolate colored microfiber couch set that we loved. For one set price you get the couch, love seat, table, lamps, rug, and some of the accessories to decorate the table with, like vases and picture frames, etc. But what is really cool is that you can mix and match any of it from all the different available sets. There was probably 10-15 different sets. We picked a few things that we liked that we think will go together. So when we secure a place we will figure out all of that. I'll put a picture of the couch. A nice comfy, reasonable couch is all we need. Remember we are going to have a baby that will most likely ruin it anyways.

The Chocolate Microfiber Set we liked. Minus the tables and lamps.

Now my grandparents are home. They are glad to be back, and so are we. But now there is even less space here for us, or anybody I guess. Excited to get our own space soon.

Told my stepsister today. Got the reaction we expected. "I'm sorry but I don't know what to say". Eh, it is what it is. Not everybody can be excited for you like you hope. I just don't understand because it's exciting for us and for anyone to "put us down" about it really hurts. It's like a major buzzkill. If you don't like someone, or approve, still be courteous and congratulate or whatever the case and put your differences aside for the moment. My wife also pointed out today when we stopped at my parents house, that there is all kinds of family pictures throughout the house but not ONE of me anywhere. If a stranger were to walk in the house they would NEVER know that they had a son. It actually brought me to tears when I thought about it. What did I do so wrong that I deserved to be blocked out? I could be wrong but it made me realize that maybe I was pushed out of the family. My mom's side and my wife had some difference in the past but we are trying our hardest to move past that and start fresh. Some people hold bigger grudges than others I suppose. Life goes on...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 13 Day 4


Sitting in my car waiting to go into work. Got here a little early this morning. Doesn't happen very often!

We still haven't officially announced yet. Hoping to meet up with my stepsister(who just found out she's pregnant last week) sometime this weekend so we can tell her and her husband. Then after that we will announce to everyone. It's so cool to lol at the pictures of our baby. Can't wait to meet him/her. My wife had a dream last night that it was a little girl. She's pretty good about that spiritual stuff so maybe she's right. She's been saying since the beginning that it's a girl. We will know in a few weeks I guess!


Came out for a break at work and saw this Zebra PT Cruiser. Because a plain one just isn't embarrassing enough... (See picture).


Going to look at a couple townhomes for rent tomorrow. They are in a subdivision that we really like so there is a pretty good chance we will end up in one. Money will be tight but it seems to be our only option.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 13 Day 3


Well, I am almost off work (5pm). Made some good snacks today. Shredded chicken nachos with roasted corn salsa. Now some Carne Asada Skirt steak. Guess I'm doing a little Mexican flair today. I don't know why but it is all pretty tasty. My wife just left my work, she came to get some food for tonight. My dad will be here tonight so she is going to make some chicken and a fancy salad(all crap I don't really like, but if it makes her happy then let it be).

It has been pretty exciting to be able to show people the ultrasound pictures today. Now that it actually looks like a little baby. Makes me more excited and less worried about the arrival!


Watching the Blackhawks game with my dad. They've lost the last two games so hopefully they will win this one.

My wife made a good dinner for us tonight. Greek chicken and mashed potatoes, asparagus, and Caesar salad. And then she did all the dishes too! She said she has dessert for us too. Wow. Impressive. She has always been a very good cook. I have a culinary arts degree but I never even cook because she does it so well, and enjoys to. That's fine with me. I cook enough at work.

Been wishing I was somewhere warm lately. Nothing beats a cold beer on a beach somewhere. I really like Panama City Beach, FL and Key West, FL. Maybe we can get down there sometime before the baby. I'm sure we won't be going anywhere for a while after September.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 13 Day 2


We both got up around 8am this morning. She made some toast for both of us with this organic coconut spread we got from whole foods. It's made by Earth Balance and is really good. It's much healthier for you as well. She also made chicken salad with some chunk canned chicken and fresh dill, mayo, greek yogurt, dill pickle relish, and a little sour cream. It's pretty good. That's what we are both taking for lunch at work. Of course, she is already at work, and I work 1pm-9pm today. We don't see much of eachother on Wednesdays. I almost always work the night shift.

I have been looking at apartment complexes most of the morning but we are trying to stay away from them. You don't get much for your money and seems from all the reviews they are nothing but problems. If anyone reading this has some input on any of this housing mess that would be appreciated.

Our necks and backs are killing us from this bed we've been sleeping on here. It's very small and firm. We have a nice king size memory foam mattress waiting for us when we get into our own place, no room here for it.

My grandpa goes to the doctor tomorrow still down in Texas to find out if his blood pressure level is stable enough to catch a airplane home. We will see what happens. My dad went down there to drive back his truck and camper for them since the doctors don't want him on the road driving for a couple days. He was fainting because of his blood pressure.


Bored at work. She had a genetics test done today to find out if their is possibly anything wrong with the baby, like Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. But she also had another ultrasound which is exciting. Unfortunately I couldn't be there this time. She called me at work and said "Oh my God! The baby has your big nose!!" Haha that's not good! Pictures to come after I get home.


Well I am so excited to see the first "detailed" pictures of our baby! I wish I could have gone. She said she got to watch the baby for a long time on a monitor while the nurse tried to get it to move. She said it was very stubborn and didn't want to move. Just wanted to chill out and relax. Like it's dad! The side profile does look similar to mine which is pretty cool! My wife said that the baby arched it's back a couple times, gulped some fluid (drinking), and even was sucking it's thumb. How crazy to think how much it has developed since a few weeks ago and the last ultrasound.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 13 Day 1


As you can see by the time of my first post today, it's been pretty busy. No time this morning, was on the phone my whole lunch break, and then came home and looked online at some places, sent a few emails, and made some burgers and fries for dinner.

I can't believe how stressful it is finding somewhere to live. It seems like there's always some sort of obstacle to overcome, and by the time you find a way to do it, the place you like is gone or about to be gone. Now I see why it takes people months and years to find somewhere to live. It's a long, rough process. Even to rent!

Baby is now 13 weeks old. One more week and we will be in the second trimester! (I think? Right? I don't pay enough attention) My wife scheduled a doctor's appt. today for the genetics testing. That is to find out if the baby has any sort of problems, such as Down's Syndrome, from my understanding.

She is starting to show more now. We are thinking about making it "Facebook Official" within the next couple of days. For some unknown reason we are just a little hesitant. I guess a little nervous for the reactions of some people, considering we aren't in the best living situation. But then again, I would say a lot of people aren't. We are doing what we can to set up for a good home for our little family. And I'm not worried that it will all work out fine for us. I think most people go through a rocky point in their life where they are trying to figure out how to start their future, settle into a home, and begin a family. That's where we are at in our life. It will only get better from here on out.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 12 Day 7


Still at grandparents. She is at work(much farther away now) and I'm off today. Got our laundry done and eating some leftovers for lunch. I am missing my workout gear pretty bad! I had to resort to doing push-ups and sit-ups today. Not the same without machines and free weights.

We are going to look at the nice rental property I liked again in a little bit. My wife hasn't seen it and I think we may have to rent until we can get our buying situation straightened out. There's just not enough room here for us to stay. We have a lot of crap. Mainly clothes. Hers...

Killed a tarantula sized spider our first night here. Was pretty scary. Not sure if I mentioned in another post or not but my grandparents are on vacation currently but coming home possibly tomorrow. They have been gone since beginning of February so house had been empty for a little while. It was pretty nasty and I almost had a heart attack when I turned on the bathroom light and it scattered across the floor in front of me. Yikes I HATE spiders. Such a wuss!


Getting ready to make some pork chops for dinner. Also we are watching the final episode of The Bachelor(the only episode we've watched). I can see why people get addicted to these shows because they definitely draw you in. At the same time, it is pretty stupid. I mean come on really? These girls fall in love so easily. They know at the end that only one can get proposed to. Then they are all crying and "oh my god, how could he do this to me?!!?!?" Get real.

In the car earlier, while coming back from seeing the rental, my wife had really bad pains in her right abdomen. She said its been going on for a day or two now but this was the worst yet. She had to lay down in the car and even called her doctor. They gave her a number to call but it subsided so she never called. She thinks it might be related to her gall bladder? All I know was she was very uncomfortable from it. Probably stress.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 12 Day 6


Ugh! I already miss our bed! Time for work. What a peaceful night though.


Very stressed out today. She went to meet with her mom and possibly talk to her sister. We need to get some more of our stuff from their house, like my gym shoes! I'm not sure if we are going to be able to buy anything anytime soon. So we might have to find something to rent for a little while. Unfortunately everything for rent is like 900 and up per month. A mortgage on a nicer townhouse to purchase is like 400 a month. It's crazy. She said she has been cramping bad because of all the stress lately. Can't be good for the baby. It will all be fine in the end I hope.


My wife is coming to my grandparents with most of the rest of our stuff. I brought home some boxes from work so we can store it somewhere temporarily. I got some groceries to get us by too.


We got everything there and organized. Went out by her parents to drop off her mom since she helped pack and move out stuff. We are still there and she fell asleep on me. Having back pains again and asking me to rub her back. I don't think so.
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