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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 13 Day 5


We got up early today and headed out to see some rentals. We really liked both of them and are sort of in a crunch to get our own place anyways. So that's good. We submitted an application on the bigger place. Wish us luck!

We stopped at a local mexican place that is always fantastic. Best tortas I have ever had. EVER. My wife always gets pozole(mexican pork and hominy soup), which is also really good. Oh yea and I had a "Toro". Or at least that's what they call it. It's a margarita with a small bottle of Corona tipped into it. It mixes in slowly as you drink it. Wow are they good! She had a Horchata (mexican rice water drink, also awesome), and they had it colored green for St. Patty's Day. You know, an Irish Mexican drink....

After we were done eating lunch, we stopped at a few furniture stores. We don't have any living room furniture so we wanted to see some ideas and costs. The first place we went, which was packed with customers, was way too expensive for what you got. Then we went to Value City furniture and they had a sectional that we liked a lot. Finally, we stopped at an Ashley Furniture Warehouse. Wow do they have some great deals on nice furniture. We found a chocolate colored microfiber couch set that we loved. For one set price you get the couch, love seat, table, lamps, rug, and some of the accessories to decorate the table with, like vases and picture frames, etc. But what is really cool is that you can mix and match any of it from all the different available sets. There was probably 10-15 different sets. We picked a few things that we liked that we think will go together. So when we secure a place we will figure out all of that. I'll put a picture of the couch. A nice comfy, reasonable couch is all we need. Remember we are going to have a baby that will most likely ruin it anyways.

The Chocolate Microfiber Set we liked. Minus the tables and lamps.

Now my grandparents are home. They are glad to be back, and so are we. But now there is even less space here for us, or anybody I guess. Excited to get our own space soon.

Told my stepsister today. Got the reaction we expected. "I'm sorry but I don't know what to say". Eh, it is what it is. Not everybody can be excited for you like you hope. I just don't understand because it's exciting for us and for anyone to "put us down" about it really hurts. It's like a major buzzkill. If you don't like someone, or approve, still be courteous and congratulate or whatever the case and put your differences aside for the moment. My wife also pointed out today when we stopped at my parents house, that there is all kinds of family pictures throughout the house but not ONE of me anywhere. If a stranger were to walk in the house they would NEVER know that they had a son. It actually brought me to tears when I thought about it. What did I do so wrong that I deserved to be blocked out? I could be wrong but it made me realize that maybe I was pushed out of the family. My mom's side and my wife had some difference in the past but we are trying our hardest to move past that and start fresh. Some people hold bigger grudges than others I suppose. Life goes on...

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