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Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 13 Day 4


Sitting in my car waiting to go into work. Got here a little early this morning. Doesn't happen very often!

We still haven't officially announced yet. Hoping to meet up with my stepsister(who just found out she's pregnant last week) sometime this weekend so we can tell her and her husband. Then after that we will announce to everyone. It's so cool to lol at the pictures of our baby. Can't wait to meet him/her. My wife had a dream last night that it was a little girl. She's pretty good about that spiritual stuff so maybe she's right. She's been saying since the beginning that it's a girl. We will know in a few weeks I guess!


Came out for a break at work and saw this Zebra PT Cruiser. Because a plain one just isn't embarrassing enough... (See picture).


Going to look at a couple townhomes for rent tomorrow. They are in a subdivision that we really like so there is a pretty good chance we will end up in one. Money will be tight but it seems to be our only option.

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