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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 11 Day 5


Pretty tired today at work. I have been cooking a lot though. Made chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Now just made lemon pepper breaded chicken cutlets. When I'm off break I am going to make teriyaki chicken with caramelized pineapples. If people don't like that I will retire or something. Today, my store manager pushed me into making intercom announcements about the samples. I am pretty shy around the public and was never a great speaker. I avoided speech class at all costs. Anyways I did it and it wasn't so bad. I'm sure ill do a few more before the work day is over. It works.

My wife is at home and I guess she made breakfast for everyone. Except for me obviously. She wasn't feeling very good this morning and her neck and back are always bothering her. That could be from the car accident we were in at the beginning of last year though. She had to have shoulder surgery a few months back for it. Probably nothing to do with being pregnant, or maybe it just adds to it. I don't know.


Did a couple more announcements. It's getting easier now. Made the caramelized pineapples. So delicious and so simple. Just heat some butter and fry up some pineapple rings in it that have been covered in brown sugar. It makes like a caramel glaze. Then made some teriyaki chicken cutlets. Those were really good as well.

I talked to my wife and she is out running around with her sister. That's good that they spend some time together. I think girls need that. Sounds like she puked in the car again today(in a bag!). At least she plans ahead.


She has a really bad headache. She's been in bed all evening because of it. Also she said she had a weird feeling earlier while she was at Panera Bread, almost like a shakey seizure-like feeling where she had to sit down for a minute. Hopefully she can sleep it off.

We tried the "ring and chain" test where you dangle your ring above the expectant mother's palm of her hand. If it spins circular it means you are having a girl. If it rocks back and forth, a boy. Ours spun in a circle, but I'm not relying too heavily on it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 11 Day 4


Not too much going on so far today. Been making some samples at work again. Her second interview is today at 3:30pm. Hoping for the best with that.


She's pretty crabby today. Couldn't find her car keys this morning so that pretty much set her in a bad mood. Lots of rushing around today from work to her interview. And I noticed she snuck mayo onto my lunch sandwich. What a trickster. I hate mayo.

Our closer called off tonight at work. So I'm going to stay and work some overtime. I'm always fine with overtime at time and a half, although it's tiring working from 9am to 9pm.


Well I'm beat. That was a long day, my back is sore, and I'm tired. Just ate a subway sandwich for dinner and finishing watching the Blackhawks hockey game on TV. They are undefeated so far this year. A NHL record. My wife has been sleeping since I got home. She said she doesn't feel good. Sometimes it's better to just let them sleep. Peace and quiet for me. Remember that guys. LET THEM SLEEP.

She said she threw up twice tonight while laying in bed. It's weird how one minute she's fine then the next she is so sick. I don't know what it is but I'm ready for it to be over.

Her second interview went well from what she told me on the phone. She met with some of the other office workers today and basically interviewed with them. Now we just have to wait to hear back I suppose.

Well, I have to be back to work at 8am so as soon as this game finishes up I will be out like a light bulb.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 11 Day 3


Lots of mood swings. One minute she's happy the next she's crying and doesn't even know why. Guys you have to be careful at this stage that's for sure! Be easy on what you say and make sure to let her know she's beautiful! She always tells me she feels fat and bloated and ugly compared to other girls and she is very emotional/sensitive about it.


Trying to figure out ways to announce that we are pregnant. Most of our family and close friends know already, but we wanted to wait until 12 weeks to announce officially( you know, like on Facebook, because Facebook is the new official source of information these days). Been looking online for creative ideas but it will probably end up just being some boring status update because neither of us are very creative. She is more so than I.

Time is flying by. A lot of things need to happen in the near future. We need to move out and find our own place. We have a baby shower all lined up already, so that's good. We need to reduce some debt, which is extremely difficult. However, with this new job she interviewed for yesterday, it would really help, so let's hope and pray. It would help if I could get a promotion as well. I have been waiting for years, it's starting to get old. I feel like I am getting nowhere. I even have a relevant college degree, and have been formally trained to do the work. Still nope.

Time to take out some frustration on some weights.


Well we were going to eat lunch and she ended up having to puke in the car. Awesome. At least we had a bag in there. But lucky I had to do the walk of shame with the puke filled bag to the garbage can in Walgreen's parking lot. Not sure what she ate or what triggered it today, but she couldn't wait. At least my torta was delicious. For those of you who don't know what a mexican torta is, stop what your doing and go find a little authentic mexican place and get you one. It's like the mexican version of a burger or sandwich, but with all their good meat/avocado/mayo with lime/cheese and whatever else you want. So good!!

On a good note, she got called back for a second interview. That's always a good sign. Tomorrow at 3:30pm. Maybe good things will start to come our way, and finances will sort themselves out. That would be great!

Her sister is really sick, came home early from work. My wife is hoping that she's pregnant because she knows how much they would love to have a child. Plus it would be cool to have cousins around the same time. Who knows, probably just the flu. 

My brother-in-law is making steaks right now, it smells so good. I better get down there before I miss out. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 11 Day 2


She has a big interview today after work. Wish her luck because it would help us out a lot. She is pretty nervous which is strange because she usually isn't for interviews.

This morning I made oatmeal and tried adding a scoop of protein powder to it. Instead of getting oatmeal I got a pancake in a bowl. Wasn't bad really. I would make it again, but maybe on a griddle instead of the microwave.

She is starting to get a belly for sure.


Time for work! :(


So far pretty easy day at work. I'm out at 9pm. Time now for my last break.

She said the interview went well. Lasted over an hour which is a great sign. So now we play the waiting game. This job would really help us get a new place for baby.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 11 Day 1


Came out of work for a break to find its like a blizzard outside! Nasty sleet but turning into snow. Not going to be a fun car ride home.

My wife text me this earlier about how she has been feeling and some tips.

"Yes starting little by little to get my energy back and no puking really every once in a blue moon. Not taking zofran (unless its absolutely needed) which it hasn't been I notice when I eat small meals to keep me full through the day it helps. Key is to always having a little something in my belly. Drinking tons of water has helped with the bloating and constipation still get gas depending on the foods I eat. Craving hot stuff! Eating lots of fruit and veggies helped a lot with the constipation. Adding salads with homemade vinaigrette and balsamic dressings, hard boiled eggs, cheese and crackers, less chicken breast (no kidding it can be a source of constipation) lots of milk, melons, apples, oranges, grapefruit, nectarines pears, mangoes, smoothies etc are great! Stay away from acidic things or try to eat in moderation. Found out I can take dulcolax (colace) and tums they are both safe! Staying away from fried, processed or fast food also artificial sugars has helped me to not feel so miserable inside."

We are learning and adjusting slowly to what works and what doesn't.


Learned today that the baby has elbows and can move its arms. Nails and hair are now growing this week. The baby can do somersaults and move around. If its a boy it is starting to produce testosterone. We need to start thinking about names.

Oh, and it's still snowing. A lot. Not looking forward to the drive home.


Almost done with work for the day. Still snowing but the streets aren't as bad as earlier. Just found out my grandpa is in the hospital for the third time in like the past week and a half. Hopefully they figure out what's going on with him and get him fixed up quickly. Him and my grandma are down in Texas for the winter with all their friends, so I'm sure they don't want to be in the hospital most of the time, or at all.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 10 Day 7


My wife made me a good quick breakfast. Clementine, hard boiled egg, and a pistachio walnut muffin. She is getting more and more energy lately. Thank God. For a while there she was really lazy and it drove me nuts. She's getting ready for work now. I'm off today.


Took a long drive through some neighboring towns. Exploring some different housing options. I wish the taxes weren't so outrageous everywhere out here. We need to make some more money. Baby's coming soon and we don't even have our own home.


Just got some Mexican food with my wife at a new place I saw earlier while driving around. It was pretty good. Now off to Target to get some necessities. Can't believe how much laundry detergent and toilet paper costs. Grrrr!


Spent a little time in the infant section looking at baby clothing and swings. Target has a big selection of that stuff for a decent price. Also found a huge clearance section full of diapers and other things that are ridiculously expensive. We should have stocked up for the future. Oh well. I'm sure when we need the things they will be full price.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 10 Day 6


Been busy at work today cooking up samples again. On my first break now, I have been here since 9am. I think I am in trouble for skipping my hour lunch break yesterday to go home an hour earlier. Ehhh. Made some breaded Italian chicken cutlets. Now have some cracker breaded Cajun catfish frying up. It's a good day.

This morning my wife was complaining about her back and hips hurting. Poor girl. She was really good to me today though. She got up and made me a fantastic lunch for work and was really sweet to me. That's always good.


Well I take back what I said earlier about being a good day. Right before leaving work I smashed my finger on the meat grinder trying to loosen a bolt. Possibly fractured, swelled up pretty good and painful. Then I come home and empty the dishwasher and manage to stick my finger with an upward angled knife. So I decided I better relax and sit down before I hurt myself even more.

She hasn't thrown up at all yet today. She's with her sister at their parents house. So I'm home and bored. Guess ill work out again.


She brought me some buffalo wings and ranch. My favorite. She knows me too well. She was actually naming all my favorite foods and ones I hate. She's very observant. She's been craving a lot o spicy food lately. Which is weird because my mother was the same way while pregnant with me.

I LOVE anything spicy.
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