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Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 21 Day 5


Well, we still are undecided on a name. Tonight would be a good night to sit down, come up with a serious list, narrow it down, and decide on a name. I know, that once she comes out, the name will pop into our heads and it might change. I just have a feeling. She is going to be one of those babies that just looks like her name.

If you notice, I have added a few more pages to the blog.

-There is now a Resources page where I have compiled some of my favorite websites. There is also printable coupons! Who doesn't like coupons?

-The Subscribe page is for your RSS feed. You can subscribe via Feedburner and get all of my blog and anybody else's blog's update all in one convenient place. I use iGoogle for the other blogs that I follow.

-You can now Contact Me with any questions or inquiries. I will try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Because this blog is gaining popularity quickly, I am considering moving from Blogger, to my own separate server. My wife and I will have to make that decision in the near future. Blogger is free, but very limited to what I can do and personalize. We'll see. I would love some feedback about our blog! Anything you would like to see? More information you want? Something you don't like? Let me know!

Belly Pic, Straight on this morning. Getting bigger!

Starting the morning right again! Made a 5-egg omelette for myself with some Cholula Chipotle hot sauce.


Now THAT is good!

I have to work at 1pm today. No fun, but hey, it's an income. Can't really complain. Not sure if I will be cutting today or not, but most likely not. I'm usually the gofer when I work nights. At least I will have another coworker there with me, for a while we were by ourselves at night. BORING

I am excited because I am off next Monday. My wife has another ultrasound Monday afternoon and since I have missed the last couple, I can finally make it to this one! I wasn't able to be at the last ultrasound where she found out it was a girl. I would have really liked to be a part of that but I couldn't due to work. She has a DVD of the ultrasound so that helps recreate the experience somewhat.

Ok, that is enough writing for one morning! Make sure to check out the new pages, and send me some feedback! Thanks!


Only an hour and a half left of work. Pretty much everything is already done so now it's time to play the "watch the clock and wait" game. It's one of the worst games that I have ever played. 

My wife says I spend too much time on the computer. Which is pretty true. I get caught up in what I am interested in at the moment. So tonight when I get home I am spending time with her. No computer, no iPhone, no iPad. Just her. 

Before I go I wanted to show these new Quinoa burgers I found at the grocery store. I am not sure if they are as beneficial to your health as real regular Quinoa. But I thought it was interesting. And new. A little pricey though. But so is Quinoa in general. I really like it. My wife doesn't care for it. Loaded with protein. 

Oh and a cool picture I found. It makes my day at work not seem so bad...

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