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About Our Family

The Basics

Full-Time Union Apprentice Butcher
26 Years Old
Born and Raised in Chicago

Full-Time Executive Assistant
23 Years Old
Born and Raised in Chicago

Fun Facts

  1. We have been together since March 31st, 2010
  2. We met on Facebook, I thought she was cute, so I sent her a message. We met that week.
  3. We have the same birthday (February 9th)
  4. My wife and my Stepsister look a lot alike
  5. Our past has been rocky, but has only helped us get where we are today
  6. We are expecting our first child, a girl
  7. She doesn't like my blog
  8. I went to Culinary Arts College, but she cooks more than I do
  9. She lived in Houston, TX a few months before we met
  10. We both love ethnic food. Polish, Mexican, German, Thai, Japanese, you name it.

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