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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 2 - Guess Who's Home?!


We are exhausted! So much going on the last few days, it's just great to be home. Brynlee is already enjoying her little rocker/sleeper and is passed out in there as I am typing this.

We were able to leave the hospital after our Doctor released us. He wasn't able to show up until about 7pm this evening. I think the extra time waiting was good for us though, because we learned a lot of valuable tips from our helpful nurses.

Before we left, we asked the Doctor about the "newborn insert" that you can see in the car seat in the photo above. It is an extra accessory that fits into the car seat to help support newborn's heads, and bodies, because the car seat is actually too big for newborns. I posted a picture on Instagram of just the car seat with the insert in it, ready to go for when she was born, and I received a lot of criticism about it. Several people told me that they are extremely unsafe, and not covered by the car seat's warranty. But the Doctor told us that we SHOULD use it, because her little head needs to have some extra support. So for anyone wondering if they are safe or not, I'm not sure about that, but our Doctor did recommend using it.

We had great service the whole time during our hospital stay. And we would recommend it to any of our friends. So if you are in the Chicagoland area, ask me and I will fill you in. 

My wife is recovering extremely quickly, and has been an awesome mother already. As a matter of fact, I slept all through the night last night, in the hospital, and she got up a few times with Brynlee to feed her. She said that Brynlee never cried during the night, and that she actually had to wake her up to feed her. Hopefully she stays like that because that would make our lives a lot easier.

I am going to go to work tomorrow, because they are so short-handed, and because my wife insisted that she will be fine. I will probably take Thursday off to help get everything settled back in to the house. We have a couple bags packed for the hospital, that need to get put back away. And my wife's hands are going to be quite full. I will help with all of the household duties. 

Time for some much needed rest!

Do you have any questions about her delivery? Labor? Pain? Epidural? Feel free to ask, I would love to answer any questions!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! She is beautiful and I love her name!


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