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Friday, August 22, 2014

Call Me Morty! - The #SwifferEffect

So I'll have to admit, I don't really notice commercials much, but the latest Swiffer commercials (you know the ones with old couple) really grabbed my attention. I loved watching Morty snoozing in his chair while his wife was telling him all about cleaning with their new Swiffer. Even Eric Stonestreet is helping out! Check out their latest video...

So guess what is even more exciting? I WAS ALSO ASKED TO JOIN IN THE #SWIFFEREFFECT CAMPAIGN! If you know me, you know I'm a neat freak. So having a Swiffer handy is just darn awesome. Especially since they surprised me with one at my front door in a big, green box!

Yes, there are TWO big, green boxes in that photo. I'll explain that later. But for now, let's open one of these babies up! This house needs cleaning!

Brynlee is excited to see too! Anything new to grab, touch, feel, destroy, etc. She is interested....

WARNING - a photobomb is about to happen!

AWESOME! It's the Swiffer Wet Jet inside of the #BigGreenBox! This is going to come in handy on our new kitchen floors. I can't wait to try it out. But wait! Remember how there were two boxes? The kind folks that they are, Swiffer was actually cool enough to send me TWO Swiffer Wet Jets. One to pass along to a friend or family member. Who better to surprise with than my Mother-in-Law with one. It's the least we can do considering she typically babysits two days a week, and drives 45 minutes each way just to do so.

She wanted to rip it out and get to work. Did I mention she cleans, too? Woo-hoo!

I never knew that Swiffer got all electronic and fancy. Now they have little spray nozzles that shoot floor cleaner out! Just press a little button and there you go. Swiff' away!

It really does work great, and even leaves that clean smell afterwards. It took about three minutes to assemble, and another three to clean the floors. Can't beat that. Just call me Morty.

Of course we couldn't get Brynlee, aka nosy-neighbor, to not be in the way. She likes being part of the #SwifferEffect too. Do they make fake baby Swiffers? That would really help.

Please don't let your kids get into the cleaning solution, I'm pretty sure it's not safe for ingestion. We kept Bryn far enough away when we were using the spray functions. She was really intrigued. So were we. 

I thought I kept my floors nice and clean but the Swiffer proved me wrong. There's definitely some dirt caught on that pad. Oh well, it's clean now! My wife and I are always dreading cleaning the house, this will help solve some of those problems! Thanks again Swiffer for helping keep my house clean and making it so easy to!

The whole point of the #SwifferEffect is to remind families that even as we are changing and evolving with the times, cleaning can be fun and easy. Swiffer is trying to make cleaning less of a chore.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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