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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 12 Day 5


Was a few minutes late to work this morning thanks to my wife taking forever to make me a sandwich for lunch. Guess I can't complain because I could make it myself instead. She puked a few times already today. Can't keep anything down. But she's doing laundry and cleaning up while I'm at work which is always good. I hate doing that stuff.

Really hoping things will work out for that house last night. We both loved it. We'll see. Running out of time day by day.

She keeps forgetting to take her prenatals. Hopefully that's not that big of a deal. You get most of your vitamins from what you eat anyways.


We need to move so bad. My wife asked our brother-in-law a question about mortgages and it ended up being a lesson about money and they got into an argument. He called her a lazy c*nt and threw something at her. So now I have to deal with this situation while I'm trying to get things done at work. Why can't life ever just be easy. I mean we are treated like slaves where we are now. They say never to live with family. Yesterday we were told to literally get on our hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floors and cabinets. Really? While he sleeps all day long and let's the dogs crap and pee all over the house. Can't wait to get out.


Well, we are staying with my grandparents for now. What a mess. Although this is probably much better. We are going to try our hardest to get a place ASAP. Just getting some laundry done now. Will write more tomorrow. Had a long day today. Ok sure the baby did too. Very stressful.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 12 Day 4


She had really bad pains in her stomach last night and this morning. She was up a few times during the night complaining about it and was contemplating going to the E.R. She felt a little better this morning though, and went to work. She hasn't mentioned anything else about it today so I'm assuming its better. We still haven't officially announced yet, and she needs to go for the genetics testing ASAP. Well my break is over I just stuffed myself with yesterday's Olive Garden leftovers. Yum!


Man I have been eating really badly lately. I was doing real good the second half of last year. Nothing but pure clean foods everyday with one cheat day where I could eat anything I wanted. Lately I still work out regularly but haven't been watching my diet as closely. Oh well guess I need to get back with it. Part of the reason I think is because its EXPENSIVE to eat whole clean foods all the time. It's pretty sad really. The garbage food is cheap and readily available and convenient.

Going tonight after work to look at another property.


I feel so burnt out today. My legs are sore from my workout yesterday and I must just be tired too. I don't feel like doing much. My wife called my work crying because she found out some bad news about some people she knows. The situations are bad but I'm sure her emotions are a little exaggerated by the hormones too... They say you are more emotional when your pregnant.


Really liked this house we looked at today. It's big and newer, and very cheap. The taxes where we live are ridiculously high but there is no avoiding it. It is what it is. Anyways we will keep looking but this one is definitely the favorite so far. Thanks to our realtor for finding it only because e drives past it everyday going to work. It's closer to my wife's work and about 30 minutes from mine. Which is about ten minutes longer than what I drive now(no big deal). Looks like the Blackhawks might lose their first game this season tonight. Bummer!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 12 Day 3


Wow busy morning! Went and seen 5 rental properties this morning with our Real Estate Agent. Only 2 were acceptable. One is 950 a month and small but nice area and clean. The other is 1000 and really nice but it's month-to-month. Meaning they can give us 30 days notice at any time and we have to find a new place. I really wish we were in a better situation to BUY our own place. It's much cheaper and you get a lot more.

Anyways I strained my yogurt overnight through a coffee filter to make it into Greek-style yogurt. Worked pretty well, I am amazed at how much liquid comes out of it. The yogurt is thicker now.

Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

Jersey Mike's sandwich for lunch (#13 yum). If you have never been to one I highly recommend it. Make sure to get your sandwich "Mike's Way". And also try the cherry pepper relish, or as the enthusiastic employee called it, CPR. It's different but awesome.


Well I'm waiting in the car at my wife's new employer. She is going over paperwork and drug test/background check. She wanted me to go because her stomach was hurting. She says it feels like its stretching and it makes her uncomfortable. So I drove her. Trying to figure out when I can go look at some more places.


Well drug test passed ( not like it's a surprise!). We went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate a little. I need to find a copycat recipe of their salad dressing. That stuff is crazy good. She had eggplant Parmesan(she read somewhere that eggplant is very beneficial for pregnant women). I had a spicy shrimp vesuvio. Yum. Oh and calamari appetizer. We brought home a slice of raspberry cheesecake and split that just a few minutes ago (actually she took a couple bites in bed and fell asleep and I ate the rest, I love when that happens!). Now my stomach hurts. Too much fat and sugar probably. I don't usually eat stuff like that.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 12 Day 2


Woke up to my yogurt alarm going off. It finally worked! I'm so excited other than the fact that I scaled the amount back this time in case I ended up wasting it again. Haven't tried it yet, will tomorrow morning.

My wife threw up only once yesterday. She made a good dinner, but after that, when I was going to workout, she wasn't feeling good. I laid down with her and we both fell asleep. Now here I am wide awake looking at homes online.


Looking for a place to live is stressful. Especially when you only have a little time to do it. A million places to sort through, neighborhoods to research, HOA fees to consider, too much! I have to work at 1pm today. Wife is in a good mood other than a little stressed about the moving situation as well. We have to find a living room set too. Ugh. I think I'll go try some yogurt. If I don't post again it's because it killed me.


Slow day at work so far. I told my wife to go cancel her tanning package since she can't tan for the next 6 months at least. Save some money there. I'm thinking maybe we should both get cheaper cars too. Well see what happens tomorrow with the new job offer. A lot of things are depending on what's happens tomorrow actually.

I have about 6 places I'm going to check out with our realtor tomorrow. Hopefully ill find something we like and can afford. Running out of time.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 12 Day 1


Busy busy. Will write later. Good news today though!


Had a lot to do this morning at work. There is a lot of snow again today, not really sticking to the streets too bad yet which is good. But probably will by the time I leave and need to drive home. M wife needs to go to the courthouse after work and get a marriage certificate copy so that my insurance has it for records since we added her to mine.

She got a response today from the new job and it basically said they want to meet again tomorrow to make her an offer for the position. Thank God! Hopefully it is all worth it and things will start looking up for us. It will help tremendously.

Yesterday she was pretty sick in the afternoon. I think she is ok so far today. Today is 12 weeks, time to start telling everyone that we have been holding off on. I'm kind of nervous about it actually. Not sure how some of my family will react. It should be excited and happy but I have a feeling it will be more judgmental than anything.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 11 Day 7


Busy day off for me. I need to get to the post office and ship out this package for eBay. I found a box but don't have any packing styrofoam or newspaper for cushion. Crap.

My wife is in a good mood this morning. She took Tylenol extra strength yesterday and it stopped the headache. It's one of the only medicines she's able to take. She has more energy now too.

Oh and my yogurt didn't work! I think I let it cool too much before adding cultures. I will try again.

12 weeks tomorrow!


I spoke too soon. After her bath she felt bad and was throwing up while getting ready for work. She thinks it was because of the whole milk she drank for breakfast.


Well we are stuck in a bad situation. We have until March 31st to move out of where we currently are living. Problem is we have nowhere to go. We can't afford to rent in the area because rent is extremely high right now. 900+ a month. I don't bring home much more than that and I have two cars to pay for also. And necessities, insurance, phone bill, and now baby expenses. Who knows how long my wife will be off work when she has the kid. She doesn't make much now. She is trying but nothing's happened yet. I have too much debt from when I was young and dumb that I'm paying for now. I'm just afraid that we won't have anywhere to go. My parents both said they can't help us. And her parents don't have the money to help us either. I work full time but it just doesn't cut it. I apply for other jobs all the time but don't war anything. Plus there are no immediate benefits like I have at my current job. We need health insurance right now. Hopefully things will fall into place. I'm not sure how but they kind of have to. A donation fund would be nice!


Stopped at my parents to pick up some mail. Ended up eating dinner with them. Also thinking about apartments and such.

She has puked like 4 times already today. Yikes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 11 Day 6


Been a busy morning at work! I can't believe almost another week has gone by. It goes so fast.

Made Carne Asada on grilled tortillas and some bacon and eggs before that. Sold out of all the Carne Asada right away bit was really good. My wife is at a banquet for her church with her mom today.

She had that horrible headache last night and into this morning. She text me this a little while ago: "I iced my neck for a while and then massaged my forehead temples and between my eyebrows with oil and then did my neck with oil and I think I got rid of it maybe just helped it a lot?! I'm not sure". Proper grammar I know... But maybe that can help someone with a similar problem.

Alright enough writing I'm starving. Time to eat lunch!


Work day is over in thirty minutes so that's good. I am pretty excited that I sold a workout inflatable ball on EBay today for 30 dollars, and I picked it up on a deals website for 4 dollars. Not a bad investment if you ask me.

Oh and Blackhawks won again. Extending their winning streak by one more game. Amazing.


Wife's sleeping already. I attempted to make homemade yogurt so that is "incubating" right now. I have to leave it sit overnight for the cultures to do their thing. Hopefully it works. And thank god it's Monday tomorrow because I have an appointment to my hair cutter! I need one bad.
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