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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 12 Day 2


Woke up to my yogurt alarm going off. It finally worked! I'm so excited other than the fact that I scaled the amount back this time in case I ended up wasting it again. Haven't tried it yet, will tomorrow morning.

My wife threw up only once yesterday. She made a good dinner, but after that, when I was going to workout, she wasn't feeling good. I laid down with her and we both fell asleep. Now here I am wide awake looking at homes online.


Looking for a place to live is stressful. Especially when you only have a little time to do it. A million places to sort through, neighborhoods to research, HOA fees to consider, too much! I have to work at 1pm today. Wife is in a good mood other than a little stressed about the moving situation as well. We have to find a living room set too. Ugh. I think I'll go try some yogurt. If I don't post again it's because it killed me.


Slow day at work so far. I told my wife to go cancel her tanning package since she can't tan for the next 6 months at least. Save some money there. I'm thinking maybe we should both get cheaper cars too. Well see what happens tomorrow with the new job offer. A lot of things are depending on what's happens tomorrow actually.

I have about 6 places I'm going to check out with our realtor tomorrow. Hopefully ill find something we like and can afford. Running out of time.

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