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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 12 Day 1


Busy busy. Will write later. Good news today though!


Had a lot to do this morning at work. There is a lot of snow again today, not really sticking to the streets too bad yet which is good. But probably will by the time I leave and need to drive home. M wife needs to go to the courthouse after work and get a marriage certificate copy so that my insurance has it for records since we added her to mine.

She got a response today from the new job and it basically said they want to meet again tomorrow to make her an offer for the position. Thank God! Hopefully it is all worth it and things will start looking up for us. It will help tremendously.

Yesterday she was pretty sick in the afternoon. I think she is ok so far today. Today is 12 weeks, time to start telling everyone that we have been holding off on. I'm kind of nervous about it actually. Not sure how some of my family will react. It should be excited and happy but I have a feeling it will be more judgmental than anything.

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