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Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 11 Day 7


Busy day off for me. I need to get to the post office and ship out this package for eBay. I found a box but don't have any packing styrofoam or newspaper for cushion. Crap.

My wife is in a good mood this morning. She took Tylenol extra strength yesterday and it stopped the headache. It's one of the only medicines she's able to take. She has more energy now too.

Oh and my yogurt didn't work! I think I let it cool too much before adding cultures. I will try again.

12 weeks tomorrow!


I spoke too soon. After her bath she felt bad and was throwing up while getting ready for work. She thinks it was because of the whole milk she drank for breakfast.


Well we are stuck in a bad situation. We have until March 31st to move out of where we currently are living. Problem is we have nowhere to go. We can't afford to rent in the area because rent is extremely high right now. 900+ a month. I don't bring home much more than that and I have two cars to pay for also. And necessities, insurance, phone bill, and now baby expenses. Who knows how long my wife will be off work when she has the kid. She doesn't make much now. She is trying but nothing's happened yet. I have too much debt from when I was young and dumb that I'm paying for now. I'm just afraid that we won't have anywhere to go. My parents both said they can't help us. And her parents don't have the money to help us either. I work full time but it just doesn't cut it. I apply for other jobs all the time but don't war anything. Plus there are no immediate benefits like I have at my current job. We need health insurance right now. Hopefully things will fall into place. I'm not sure how but they kind of have to. A donation fund would be nice!


Stopped at my parents to pick up some mail. Ended up eating dinner with them. Also thinking about apartments and such.

She has puked like 4 times already today. Yikes.

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