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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 17 Day 6


Quite a bit to do at work today. But Saturdays are generally pretty easy because we have extra help. I should find out more about the job bid on Thursday. My boss is already talking about supplies she needs to order for me for the new position. I said don't get too far ahead of yourself it's nothing for sure yet. They are very confident. I have been waiting for almost 8 years for this.

My wife had to get some bloodwork done this morning. I am not exactly sure why but it must be something baby-related.

Our landlord and his wife came over a little bit ago because they needed to take care of a couple minor things for us. They are extremely nice and we are very lucky to have them as our landlords. The man is very appreciative at how well maintained we have their place and that we can feel free to paint neutral colors if we would like. Like I said, they bought us a brand new washer/dryer without even have a maintenance person look at the old one.

We are really loving the new place and the area. We will probably stay out there for a while.


Sorting and cleaning house again all night. She has most of the stuff put away and sorted through but there's still a way to go. Lots of old papers and garbage to go through. Trying to throw away as much as we can because we don't have tons of room here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 17 Day 5


We both left for work at the same time this morning. I started at 8am and she started at 7:30am. Must be nice to be that close to work. I have an extra 30 minute ride. That's ok though.

So I filled out the job bid yesterday and my store manager is really excited about it. And my dept manager. He told me that it is very good for me and I can tell that he knows more about it than he is telling me. Like he already knows I got it. He said the job opening was his idea and he got the position to open. So the chances are pretty good. He also said to keep quiet about it so that less people see it. It's available to everyone until Saturday.

I helped a customer today with buying and making ribs. Well, I didn't help her make them but I explained how and the best ways to cook them. She already had an ingredient list and a recipe so I helped her find all the ingredients and gave her my culinary insight on which brands and types of the ingredient to use( ex: what kind of mustard to use for the marinade. She only had general ingredients listed. Not specifics.) She was very appreciative and was actually being helped by my store manager as well. He actually asked me some questions to help her that he didn't know the answer to. He knows that I love to cook and have the background for it. She told him how much of a help I am and that I deserve to get a raise. He replied: " He is!"

Just on lunch break now. My wife threw up at work but I'm pretty sure it's just something she ate didn't sit right in her stomach. Also my mom stopped in my work today to say hi because she was in the area. I told her when we get our furniture we can invite them over to our place. They haven't seen it yet.

Alright time to eat some lunch. I am making pork country BBQ ribs inside. They aren't quite done yet. I brought a bag lunch, leftovers.


My wife's friend came over to see our place and to go to dinner with us. We had to go to Walmart first and get a few things so she joined us. After we went to the town over and tried a little Mexican place in the middle of a not-so-great neighborhood. But that is always where te best food seems to be. It was really good. We will most likely go back in the future.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 17 Day 4


I'm running low on data on my cell phone plan. We haven't had wifi Internet at home since we moved here so everything I do on the Internet is through cell phone data. We get charged if we go over. So I better take it easy until we get some service here.

Anyways, we got our new washer/dryer delivered and installed today!! How exciting! I'm already doing laundry and it is bigger and quieter than the last set.

I'm making pot roast and vegetables for dinner. Getting some use out of this new slow cooker.

Haven't heard anything about my job yet so ill post when I do.


Well my job opened up a higher position for me today. I have to "bid" on it alone with anyone else in the company that is qualified and applies for it. However my manager was told it is for me. They know I've wanted it for a while. So I went there and filled out the bid form. It will run for three days and then I will know. So wish me luck.

I forgot to put on here that we finally announced on Facebook a few days ago about being pregnant! We got great overwhelming responses, all positive thankfully!

She said that it feels like the baby is pushing on her bladder. The pressure of the baby weight on her bladder makes her have to go more often. She almost didn't make it to the bathroom a few minutes ago. Yikes.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 17 Day 3


We have been getting some mail finally. We weren't getting any for a week or two but we filled out a card that the mailman left to show that someone/we are living there now. We got a card from my dad and stepmom yesterday which was nice. We still need to get our driver's licenses changed. In time...

Bad storms here today. Was excited that I could turn on the news to see what was going on. Something I haven't been used to for a while(being cable-less).

Her uterus is the size of a cantaloupe. Did I already mention this? I can't remember. I partially write this blog to help me remember what I did the day before. My short-term memory is terrible.

She is showing and it's not just bloat anymore. She also feels movement from the baby. She said its like flickers or like gas moving in her stomach but it is from the baby. This is confirmed from her weekly pregnancy app that she reads. It also mentioned that the baby's cartilage is now turning to bone.

We just had our first solicitors. Jehovah's Witnesses. They left a pamphlet in the door because I didn't answer. I don't know anybody here why would someone I know be at my door? Put your advertisement in my door and get outta here. Thanks.

But so far the most exciting thing about this morning is how well our new Cutie's Mandarins peeled. See the picture. What an exciting life we live huh?


Got a text from my boss earlier that said I have something to tell you when you get to work. So naturally I was thinking "great, what did I screw up?" But it looks like it is for the better. I will know more tomorrow and explain then. Don't want to get too excited over nothing.

About to leave work now and eat some dinner and go to sleep. We are getting a new washer/dryer delivered in the morning. I am off tomorrow so I will have to be there obviously. Can't wait because the one there now is terrible. It's small and noisy and just no good. Plus I have a lot of dirty clothes that need to be washed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 17 Day 2


Man oh man, I've had a lot of work to do today at my job. I'm already worn out but the day is actually going by pretty smoothly.

My wife's poor sister is going through some problems right now. She has endometriosis and it is affecting several organs. She told me today that she will not be able to have kids without IVF. This hits my wife hard because she really wants her to get pregnant soon. We want our children to have cousins!

Today is the first day my wife went to work wearing clothes that show a noticeable baby bump. I guess it begins...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 17 Day 1


17 weeks!

I'm a little mad that it's raining outside... I thought I would be able to take the bike out. Maybe later. I have to run to my wife's work because she forgot her parking permit in my car. Don't need her car getting towed. Sometime today the cable/Internet installer is supposed to come out also.


Had a great day. I was able to take the bike out for a little bit this morning. It was still a little chilly out and really windy. Not that great to ride in. When I got back the cable installers had just pulled up so we got that taken care of too. Took about an hour. We haven't had cable TV for almost a year! Nice to have it back.

I went out on the bike again for about 45 mins before my wife got home from work. It was much nicer out and the wind subsided. It's always a good day when I can get some riding in. It's a great stress reliever. Not that I really have any at the moment.

When she came home she ran upstairs, threw on her riding gear, and we went out again. She loves going out on it. It's more fun when someone else is with you too. We went to the next town over and stopped at Old Navy because she said thy have maternity clothes. They didn't. We also went to an AT&T store to get Internet service to our house. They had some problems so they have to send a technician out to look into it. I'm dying without wifi. I only get so much data on my phone per month. I'm already running low and we have until the 23rd on this billing cycle. Not good.

I started dinner in the crockpot around 11am. I just threw some sauerkraut, smoked sausage, potatoes, and carrots in there. Turned out pretty tasty. It's the first time we have used it.

We are just going to watch some TV and get to bed. Both have to work in the morning.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 16 Day 7


I've been in a great mood today. It's a beautiful day outside which I think helps that. I had to go to a different store this morning to pick up a few things for my store. On the way I was able to stop for a huge energy drink from Circle K( usually part of Shell gas stations). They have fountain drinks, any size, for .79 cents everyday. Some locations have "Full Throttle" as a choice and its like a Monster energy drink. It's really good and considering they are like 2 dollars a can everywhere else it's a good deal. So I get those quite a bit if I have a chance. It's like my coffee.

The wife is home and hopefully putting away some of her clothes. She has them all over the place still. We'll see.

I'm thinking about getting my motorcycle from my parents house later today or tomorrow(I'm off). It's just been so nice out and I can't wait to ride it on the country roads by our house.


Went and got the bike. On my way home from work it was about 63 degrees out. When I was riding the bike it had dropped to below 50 degrees. That is COLD when your moving fast. I had quite a bit o clothing on including riding jacket and helmet. So that helped but it still was chilly. But I made it home safely and the bike fits in the garage like I thought it would(pic). Had Culver's for dinner which is always good. Even had some ice cream. Was like a little date, something we don't do much of anymore. It was nice for a change.

She made a long list of baby names she likes. We went through them all in the car on the way to get the bike. I liked quite a few of them. Now we just have to wait and see what the gender is so we can narrow it down even further.

Supposed to be nice out again tomorrow so I think I'll take the bike for a cruise while she's at work. We'll see. We have directv coming back in the afternoon to set everything up.

Oh! And she complained about our washer and dryer, since its so small and loaded with lint from the previous lady that lived here. The landlord is buying a whole new set and we will have it on Thursday! Sweet!

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