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Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 17 Day 5


We both left for work at the same time this morning. I started at 8am and she started at 7:30am. Must be nice to be that close to work. I have an extra 30 minute ride. That's ok though.

So I filled out the job bid yesterday and my store manager is really excited about it. And my dept manager. He told me that it is very good for me and I can tell that he knows more about it than he is telling me. Like he already knows I got it. He said the job opening was his idea and he got the position to open. So the chances are pretty good. He also said to keep quiet about it so that less people see it. It's available to everyone until Saturday.

I helped a customer today with buying and making ribs. Well, I didn't help her make them but I explained how and the best ways to cook them. She already had an ingredient list and a recipe so I helped her find all the ingredients and gave her my culinary insight on which brands and types of the ingredient to use( ex: what kind of mustard to use for the marinade. She only had general ingredients listed. Not specifics.) She was very appreciative and was actually being helped by my store manager as well. He actually asked me some questions to help her that he didn't know the answer to. He knows that I love to cook and have the background for it. She told him how much of a help I am and that I deserve to get a raise. He replied: " He is!"

Just on lunch break now. My wife threw up at work but I'm pretty sure it's just something she ate didn't sit right in her stomach. Also my mom stopped in my work today to say hi because she was in the area. I told her when we get our furniture we can invite them over to our place. They haven't seen it yet.

Alright time to eat some lunch. I am making pork country BBQ ribs inside. They aren't quite done yet. I brought a bag lunch, leftovers.


My wife's friend came over to see our place and to go to dinner with us. We had to go to Walmart first and get a few things so she joined us. After we went to the town over and tried a little Mexican place in the middle of a not-so-great neighborhood. But that is always where te best food seems to be. It was really good. We will most likely go back in the future.

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