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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 17 Day 6


Quite a bit to do at work today. But Saturdays are generally pretty easy because we have extra help. I should find out more about the job bid on Thursday. My boss is already talking about supplies she needs to order for me for the new position. I said don't get too far ahead of yourself it's nothing for sure yet. They are very confident. I have been waiting for almost 8 years for this.

My wife had to get some bloodwork done this morning. I am not exactly sure why but it must be something baby-related.

Our landlord and his wife came over a little bit ago because they needed to take care of a couple minor things for us. They are extremely nice and we are very lucky to have them as our landlords. The man is very appreciative at how well maintained we have their place and that we can feel free to paint neutral colors if we would like. Like I said, they bought us a brand new washer/dryer without even have a maintenance person look at the old one.

We are really loving the new place and the area. We will probably stay out there for a while.


Sorting and cleaning house again all night. She has most of the stuff put away and sorted through but there's still a way to go. Lots of old papers and garbage to go through. Trying to throw away as much as we can because we don't have tons of room here.

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