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Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 33 Day 1 - Sick Pregnant Wife


33 week check-up tomorrow. She found out that some of the symptoms that she has been experiencing hint the coming of baby. She has been experiencing a little shortness of breath, sweats throughout the night, and mild heart palpitations. The doctor said these all indicate the increase in the hormone progesterone, which typically does increase a few weeks before delivery. Thankfully, all in all, she feels pretty good and doesn't have the complaints of most other pregnant women. 

The doctor is going to examine her tomorrow to make sure that everything is normal, and that she isn't beginning to efface or dilate. She can feel that the baby's head is pretty low. She has been in her head-down birthing position for quite a few weeks now. We still aren't completely ready for her, so hopefully she will extend her stay a little longer. 

She actually stayed home from work today. Looks like she might have some bacteria infection in her throat. Her doctor also explained that bacteria on the throat is likely common in pregnant women, because the immune system isn't as strong. 

She must have been pretty under the weather to have stayed home today. Luckily, she must be feeling a little better, because I made her get out to grab a burger at a local joint since she hasn't really eaten anything today. Plus I have always wanted to try it, so win-win. 

Her and her sister made some crafty baby shower decorations last night. Turned out really well. So far. They aren't finished with them all yet. 


  1. I hope she gets well soon. Being unwell during pregnancy is a double whammy! All the best!

    1. Thank you Tarana. She is back at work today. Feeling much better!



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