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Friday, February 21, 2014 Valentine's Day Success

I received a free bouquet of flowers in exchange for an honest review of the company. All opinions are 100% my own.

Valentine's Day was right around the corner. I knew I wanted to get something for my wife, because I believe it's what all good husbands do. Usually for me, it means digging up some saved money that I have somewhere, because if I use our joint checking/debit, she will see it right away. What kind of surprise would that be? That's what I did when I had flowers sent to her work for our Anniversary in January. 

Sending more flowers to her work a month later, would be kind of repetitive, so I decided against it. I have seen ads for before, and the products looked attractive, but I never followed through with investigating further. Surprisingly, they reached out to me. 

They said, "Hey, we are very confident in our flowers, and we want to show you and your readers why we are better." I figured, why not? Free flowers? How much better than a local florist could they be? I will give them to my wife for Valentine's Day, and save some money at the same time. 

I accepted the offer.

And, here we are. I am extremely impressed with the roses that arrived. I ordered the "Fireworks" assortment, because it contained the essential red roses, but also switched it up a little with these really cool small blue flowers. I'm a guy, I don't know much about flowers, but they did look pretty neat. 

The order was placed about a week ahead of time, but the flowers didn't ship out until two days before. This is to insure the quality, and freshness. Straight from South America, my package arrived early in the morning on February 14th. Perfect timing, just like what was promised. 

I was able to see the box that they arrived in, because I started work a little later in the day. But I did not open it, I left it for my wife to find when she got home.

She was ecstatic about them. (Also thankful that I saved her the embarrassment from more flowers arriving at her work!) She explained that they were very nicely packaged, and that she was impressed, and I should have seen it. I'll take her word for it.

The quality was above and beyond any flowers I have seen before. Just yesterday, February 20th, I was still able to get a cool photo of the wilting roses. 

My favorite part about is that their arrangements start at $40. Flat fee. It's not $40 + tax + shipping + delivery + whatever else the other places charge. It's just $40. Straight forward, and simple. What most guys look for when ordering stuff for their wife!

Check them out and give them a chance, even if it's for yourself. They have a lot of cool varieties to choose from, something to fit everyone. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Empower Your Child's Future with Cord Blood Registry

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central for the Cord Blood Registry. I received promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

When we were preparing for Brynlee, we had a lot of choices to make. One of those choices included Cord Blood Banking. Did we want to do it, or skip? What do we even know about it? Is it beneficial? Is it worth it? Luckily, we had all the information at our fingertips.

Cord Blood stem cells are used to treat many life-threatening diseases. Leukemia, anemia, and other types of cancers for example. They also have the potential to help heal serious conditions like brain damage. 

As you can see, the benefits are extremely powerful. But the downside is that it is quite expensive. However, no price tag can outweigh the health benefits that they can provide, now or in the future. 

CORD BLOOD REGISTRY is giving my readers a $200 discount when you visit and complete an information request. Do NOT miss this FREE opportunity!

Even with all of this life-saving information, we were unable to have her cord blood banked. We just simply would not be able to afford it.  (They do have payment plan options, though)

They are currently trying to put into legislation a Family Cord Blood Banking Act, which would allow the services to be recognized as a qualified medical expense allowing families to apply tax-advantaged health funds for the collection, processing, and storage of these life-saving cells. This would, without a doubt, empower many more families to be able to use these services, potentially saving lives in the future. 

Cord blood is easy to collect. The doctor will do it for you, they just save some from the umbilical cord, after it is cut. It is put into a special container that is supplied, and you send it off. There is no harm to the baby to collect it, and is recognized by just about every doctor out there. Hopefully, insurance will realize how important this precious blood is, and help parents collect it without breaking their wallets.

Maybe by the time we have another child, the Act will be recognized, and we can save our next child's cord blood. My wife, nor I, would ever hesitate to do it.

You can find more information on Cord Blood Banking at

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