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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week 37 Day 6 - No Farting, Please.


This weekend is pretty tough on me, with the holiday. It's overly busy at work and that really wears me out. Tonight, my mom and aunt drove out by us, and we all went out to dinner. Tried a new place up the road a little bit, and it turned out to be a big hit. Can't wait to go back.

We all got to talking about going into labor, and birth in general. A conversation that I was somewhat interested in, but at the same time, grossed out with. Why do men not like to talk about giving birth? Is it because it's something that we don't have to experience? Are we too high and mighty for it? What's the big deal?

I can't explain it. It's just awkward. Maybe I am the only one? I don't know, but I don't think so. I don't think any guys are excited to talk about babies coming out of you-know-where. But it's such a normal part of life. I guess it falls into the same category as "pooping", and "sex", and "farting".

Everyone does it, but nobody talks about it. Like it's forbidden.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 37 Day 5 - Dark Clouds Over Parenthood


While working today, some of my coworkers were giving me a little haggling about becoming a dad soon. They both have young children.  One has two, and the other has one. 

Both of them said they wouldn't want to have any more. So I had to know why?

Dude "A" is the one with two kids, both boys. I think one is around 5 years old, and the other just turned 2. He tells me stories about how his iPods go missing, tantrums, expenses, and headaches. I told him that it all seems like part of the fun! I think the point he is trying to make is that having kids is A LOT of work. And I understand that. He tells me about all of the diaper changing, and the sleepless nights. He explains how you have to constantly wait on them, and have all your attention given to them. He always gives me a hard time, saying "Your life is about to never be the same again." I'm pretty sure he means well, and is just trying to give me a strong, heads-up so that I am mentally prepared.

Lesson Learned - Kids are great, but not necessarily always fun. 

Dude "B" has a 4 year old boy that lives with his mother. They are divorced, obviously. He is a little more enlightening about being a dad. He tells me stories about how his son and him go to Navy Pier, and how they like to go to the zoo together. He doesn't get to see him as much as he likes, but he gets him a few days every other week. He also explains about how much work it is to have a child, but his was pretty tame so he didn't experience much of the "trouble" that Dude "A" seems to encounter. I was a good kid when I was young, so I can only hope that our daughter gets that trait at least. Her mom's looks and her dad's temper would be ideal. Dude "B" still says that he doesn't plan on having any more kids. Even after all the positive things he has to say. Why? He said having a kid is great, but the experiences are enough with one. But having at least one is a must. Every man should be a dad at some point in their life. The reward is something you will never know if you don't. 

Oh, and he also says how quickly they grow up. Actually I think just about everyone has told me that. 

Lesson Learned - Experience what you can with your children, in case you don't have the opportunity again. 

How about you? How do you feel about raising children? Did you want to stop at one? Do dads feel differently than moms? Let me know!

Check out the skies of Chicago tonight!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 37 Day 4 - Why Was PregoForMen Created?


Here's a question that I have never had to answer.

Why did I start writing this blog?

To be honest, I am not even sure. As soon as I found out my wife was pregnant, I decided that I wanted to keep some sort of journal. I had seen links to other blogs online, and I thought to myself, I am much better at typing than I am at handwriting. I like hobbies, and I think writing is a healthy one. Since it only took about 30 minutes out of the day to write about what the following day consisted of, it wasn't too time consuming, either. So I did a little research about the different blogging platforms available, and I chose to use Blogger, and got to writing.

At first I was updating a few times throughout the day, but that got tedious. I also realized that people probably don't care about how much I eat during the day, or what happens at work. I wanted to focus more on pregnancy. So I'm trying my best to keep to the subject, but the truth is, pregnancy isn't all that exciting on a daily basis. There's only so many times you can watch the baby move in her stomach, before it's not much to see anymore. Don't take it the wrong way, I love seeing her move, but I don't feel the need to stare for hours at her belly. I do like to take an occasional headrest on there, usually to get booted off by the baby. I don't think she likes when my head squishes her.

I write a new post every day, and haven't missed one since I started. But I'm thinking that I won't be able to update daily after she is born. I already know that I won't have the time, and there are going to be things to do that are far more important than sitting down to write. However, I plan on doing my best. I think it is important to create a sort of memoir that we all can look back on. Plus, it's an easy way for our families to keep up to date with what's going on, without having to call.

Pregnancy From A Guy's Perspective has evolved from a simple blog, to an active Facebook page, a daily Google+ page, a unique Tumblr profile, an interactive Instagram account, and a lively Twitter fanbase. PregoForMen has reached over 20,000+ views since inception earlier this year.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute I have put into this.

And, THAT is why PregoForMen was created.

Want to start from the beginning? Here's the very first post!
February 19, 2013 - Week 10 Day 1

Remember this photo?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 37 Day 3 - Penguin Waddle


Now that we are in the 37th week, which I believe is considered Full Term, we are at the point where we are ready for her to come. Maybe not ready in the sense of everything being in place, but ready in the way that we have had enough of pregnancy. My poor wife is getting pretty uncomfortable. It bothers her to lay on her back, she has to walk like a penguin (kind of funny, actually) and the baby seems to like to move around a lot and cause her some awkward feelings (like sharp pain/rubbing feelings). She described her moving in there, like the feeling of hands pushing and swiping across a filled balloon. I am thankful that I was born a man, and don't have to have any children growing inside of me. Props to you ladies out there. I cannot imagine.

Her job is starting to interview temps to fill her position for while she is off of work. If you ask me, they are a little late considering she could go early, but they wanted to wait. Hopefully baby will wait a little longer so that she has a chance to train the temp, on how to do her job, otherwise her work might be in trouble! My wife is good at what she does, and they have told her that numerous times. I know they will miss her there, and will be waiting for her to hurry back!

I was able to go out for a couple rounds of golf today with my grandpa and uncle. Anyday now, my free days off, will be spent caring for the baby. No more golfing for me. Unless someone else is around to take care of her.

Week 37 Day 2 - Cars Are Baby Ready and Harry's Shaving Products


Baby is now the size of a wintermelon.

Have you heard of a wintermelon? I haven't.

We spent most of our night, last night, installing the car seat bases into both of our cars. It was actually pretty easy to do. We thought it would be a lot more difficult. We have the Britax B-Agile system, and it works very well. Hopefully we have them installed right. I'm think we do. They don't move much.

I snapped a quick picture while we were shopping at BuyBuyBaby a couple days ago. Look at that baby!

Harry's Shaving Products

$15.00 - The Truman Set

I was lucky enough to start growing facial hair later than most of my friends. I still hear about how young I look. I guess that's a good thing. When you are young you want to look older, but the opposite happens as you grow up. You always want to look younger again. Anyways, I started shaving with regular, cheap razor blades, and hated them. I eventually moved up to an electric shaver, and after a couple different styles, I still use an electric every day. It's just plain convenient. 

An electric shaver is fast, but it NEVER gets that close, smooth feel, that you get by manual shaving. This is where Harry's comes in handy. Harry's provides incredibly solid shaving products for a low price. I had the honor of trying out their "Truman Set" and it really is a piece of art. The shaver is heavy, and durable. It reminds me of the clean look of an Apple product. The set includes the Truman handle, three blades (four razors on each), a bottle of shave cream, and a shaving guide. All for 15.00 dollars.

Worth it for sure. Every guy likes the luxury of a great shave, and this kit will help him achieve that. Great as a gift, and you can also subscribe for an automatic plan, where you get more cream and blades sent monthly.


*Disclaimer - I received these products for review at no charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100%  my own and not persuaded by any compensation. If your product sucks, I will tell you it sucks.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 37 Day 1 - Billy Ray Cyrus, I'm So Sorry!


(shaking my head)

Miley, Miley, Miley...

What a mess.

If you didn't see the Video Music Awards last night, you didn't miss anything. Although Justin Timberlake's performance was quite good, and Katy Perry did a fine job as well. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, not so much. I would be so dissapointed if I was Billy Ray Cyrus (her dad). His name is being ruined by her performances lately. She is trying to be a rebel, but I'm not sure that she is doing it the right way. On the other hand, she did make a splash, and in fact, WON the attention of America. Her performance will always be remembered, and as an entertainer, that is a win.

As a soon-to-be father, I can not even imagine what I would think/do if that was my daughter. I would be so ashamed, but probably even more embarrassed.

I think Miley might just end up in the same boat as Lindsay Lohan, or Amanda Bynes. However, she might use this to her advantage, too. Look at Lady Gaga. Her "weirdness" made her a huge celebrity. Time will tell.

I like the name "Miley". Too bad it's ruined for this lifetime....

How do you feel about her performance? Are you surprised? Do you think her attention is going to be beneficial for her career? Or is it more of a desperate seek for attention? Let me know!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 36 Day 7 - Clean Up That Mustache!


Spent most of the morning out on the bike with my uncle and some of his friends. It's pretty hot out here today, but I was smart enough to put on sunscreen before we left. I burn easily, but could desperately use a tan. Getting quite pale being shacked up in this house all the time, organizing baby stuff. 

Now it's time to go get more baby things done. It's neverending. There's always something to do, and she isn't even here yet.

I think we are going to install the car seat bases into our car's today. Reorganize her "diaper" closet. Unpack some more of the big items, and set them up.

Yesterday we cleaned out our room really well, so that her sleeper can be in the corner. Got rid of a lot of clothes that we have outgrown. In age, and in size. Me, for the most part.

Man's Face Stuff

Use code - STACHETASTIC for 10% off all orders!

If you are a manly man, or just some dude with a 'stache, Man's Face Stuff has great handmade mustache wax to keep that thing styled all day long. Why pay for chemicals and a CEO to get richer? Support your small business and check these guys out. It's an Etsy shop online, and these products smell AWESOME! Now, if only I had a mustache....

Here's what you get for 28 bucks -

All four of their scents, and a small gift bag as well. I would say it's worth the money, because that should last quite a while! I would hope.

Here what I got! -

That Red Hot smell came radiating through the packaging envelope that I received them in. It really does smell like Red Hot candies!

Be sure to check them out for all your mustache grooming needs, guys!

Man's Face Stuff

*Disclaimer - All products were donated in return for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and are not persuaded by any compensation. If your product sucks, I will tell you it sucks.
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