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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 36 Day 7 - Clean Up That Mustache!


Spent most of the morning out on the bike with my uncle and some of his friends. It's pretty hot out here today, but I was smart enough to put on sunscreen before we left. I burn easily, but could desperately use a tan. Getting quite pale being shacked up in this house all the time, organizing baby stuff. 

Now it's time to go get more baby things done. It's neverending. There's always something to do, and she isn't even here yet.

I think we are going to install the car seat bases into our car's today. Reorganize her "diaper" closet. Unpack some more of the big items, and set them up.

Yesterday we cleaned out our room really well, so that her sleeper can be in the corner. Got rid of a lot of clothes that we have outgrown. In age, and in size. Me, for the most part.

Man's Face Stuff

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Here's what you get for 28 bucks -

All four of their scents, and a small gift bag as well. I would say it's worth the money, because that should last quite a while! I would hope.

Here what I got! -

That Red Hot smell came radiating through the packaging envelope that I received them in. It really does smell like Red Hot candies!

Be sure to check them out for all your mustache grooming needs, guys!

Man's Face Stuff

*Disclaimer - All products were donated in return for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and are not persuaded by any compensation. If your product sucks, I will tell you it sucks.

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