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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 36 Day 6 - Pulled Pork Photo Shoot


Holy hectic day. Had to be at work at 6am so that I could be off in time to make it to our maternity photo shoot.

I also made all kind of samples today. We have pork shoulders on sale for .99 a lb. They wanted me (the chef) to showcase them, so I made some BBQ Pulled Pork, and Pork Carnitas, too. Customers loved both. I loved both. Not only because it was delicious, but because it was a free lunch. Gotta love that. Store director praised me for my hard work. I guess that's good. Not sure how sincere it is, though.

We met up at my wife's sister's house after work. She lives literally 2 minutes from where we had the photo's taken. So I took a shower there, and got ready. My wife just had to do her makeup and get our outfits figured out.

Photos went well, I think. We will see when we get them. Should be in a couple weeks. It was a beautiful day, and the park we were at was also very nice. Would love to go back and spend a couple hours there walking around. I like nature-type things like that.

Looks like we are going to spend the night cleaning out our drawers. Lots of crap in there saved that we don't need. My wife is a hoarder, I swear. 

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