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Friday, August 23, 2013

Week 36 Day 5 - Trust This Dad


Glad the work day is over. What a mess but it's a long story. Basically there is more work than help, but isn't that the case everywhere these days?

My wife went to Cheesecake Factory with her friend so I had a buddy over. We went to a bar and grill for some dinner. It was nice because I haven't been out in a long time. I think it's important that each person in a relationship is able to have a social life as well as a family life. Trust plays a big part here. If you trust each other, there is nothing wrong with being able to go out and have a good time without each other. 

We are all at our place now watching the Bears preseason game. They are killing the Raiders. My wife is doing baby registry stuff. Even though the baby shower is over. She is obsessed, but what mother-to-be isn't? So I understand. 

I can tell this is getting close. We have the baby's dishwashing soap. Yikes. 

Oh, and if anyone cares, Kim Kardashian posted the first picture of baby North West today. 

Kanye, for sure. 

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