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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 27 Day 2 - Out Of The Box Sampler


I must say, blogging has it's perks. I have been receiving all kinds of packages lately. I am thinking that I might have to add another page, just for product reviews. Hopefully everyone enjoys these products, I won't write about anything that I don't approve of.

Yesterday's mail:

Next week we will be able to take some new belly photos with our pregnancy stickers that we have. It jumps from 24 weeks to 28 weeks. There isn't much new to talk about with the pregnancy, other than we are actually getting some decisions made. Baby shower invitation samples are on their way here, so we can decide. Bedding set is decided on, I think we are even close to deciding on the name!

If you haven't seen my first Father's Day card, look at what my wife got me!

Even from my baby girl! :)

Out of the Box Sampler Club

June - Men's "Spoiled Rotten" Sampler

$25.00 per month/box

I have to say, I have seen a few monthly boxes now, and this one is yet another great idea. The box is LOADED with "manly"samples from several different shops around the web.(Although, this is a special men's version, the boxes are usually not just for men) Mostly from Etsy is like an Ebay storefront for crafts and hobbies. People handcraft soaps, clothes, decorations, and just about anything else, and then sell it in their "shop". This sampler club combines several of the shop's products and allows you to try them out. The shops then give you a promo code so that you save some money when you are ready to order a full size product. I couldn't believe how many great things they fit into that tiny box. It would take you a few months just to try everything! This box is far worth the money, just scroll down and look at everything included.

Let's open this box!

Marinade spice kits

Some homemade lollipops between the marinades

Look at all those promo codes! Use them! Great companies

Look at all the sponsors. This box is the real deal.

I think men deserve being spoiled ALL of the time!

So many different quality products. How did they all fit?

This one smells like candy!

This handmade lotion is nice as well!

 Pretty impressive I'd say. 25 bucks for everything included in this box. I would love to see what the other boxes look like, not necessarily just for men. But, being a guy, I will get plenty of use out of these products. I know my wife is a little jealous! 


  1. Thanks for the fabulous that you included pictures of each companies item seperately. Enjoy the box and please tell your wife, the next samplers go on sale July 1st and they will be geared to spoil her


    1. Thanks Michelle,

      We love the box and the concept!

      I will tell her, but I think she might have already beat me to seeing this!

  2. Yay I'm hoping you post an update on what you think of the products you got. :)

    1. I plan on it. Do you have Twitter or something that I can contact you when I do, I would love to keep you updated!



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