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Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 27 Day 1 - Hot Spot Shirt Monthly Subscription


27 weeks people. Twenty-Seven.

She measures about 14.5 inches long, and weighs about 2 lbs. The brain is quickly developing. Her eyelids, which have been closed up until around now, start to open and her retinas begin to form. Her skin is wrinkly, but by this point, she basically looks like what she will when my wife gives birth to her. Can't wait to see the next ultrasound!

Next week begins the third trimester! The last trimester for those of you who don't already know that. (I wouldn't).

She has been having a lot of leg cramps, and muscle pains. This is very normal at this stage, but I know she gets uncomfortable a lot, and it bothers her. She is crabby a lot of the time, but she blames it on being hot, and achy, which makes sense. She still makes dinner every night though!

I got another package in the mail from a company called "Monthly Hot Spot Shirt". It is a monthly subscription club(like the Mama Lana Box), geared towards men, that sends you a t-shirt from a local "hot-spot" bar/pub/micro-brewery/etc. I have been to Key West, Las Vegas, Panama City Beach, and I have always thought the bar's t-shirts were great souvenirs. What I really like about this subscription is that you don't actually have to take the trip to these cities, to get the popular t-shirts from these bars. You don't know what you are going to get each month. It is a surprise, and can be from anywhere in the country. But not only do you get the shirt, you get a card with some background information about the bar. For 20 bucks a month, your guy will love it!

Nice Big Padded Envelope

Folded in Paper with Custom Hot Spot Stickers!

Card explaining the month's t-shirt choice.

This month = Twenty Tap Bar, Indianapolis, IN

Pictures, and details about the bar. Why it was chosen.

Nicely folded. Brand new shirt. Quality material.

Me with my new shirt! Love it!

Cool shirt! Not some basic, boring shirt. Nice material, will wear it more than once!

This month, Hot Spot Shirt hand picked their shirt from Twenty Tap Bar in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is more of a craft-beer type of crowd, with a relaxed atmosphere. Sounds like my type of place!

This would be a great gift for your husbands/boyfriends/dads/etc. We love these kinds of things, and to get a new one every month, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Be sure to check out Hot Spot Shirt monthly subscription box! Also on Twitter @hotspotshirt

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  1. but... did you get a shirt from Newby's? that's my burning question.



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