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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 24 Day 6 - Mama Lana Box Review


Break time. Which means my daily donuts and energy drink. I know it's not healthy but it tastes good, and donuts are only .50 cents. 

Blackhawks play today at 4pm. First game of the series against the LA Kings. I'm a little disappointed that I will miss most of it, since I have to work til 5pm. Oh well. I should be able to catch the end at least. 

Mama Lana Review will be on here later when I get home to my laptop. These quick updates I do from my phone from the Blogger app. It's pretty handy. 


Hawks start in a few minutes. Might stop by my uncles after work to watch the end. Not sure yet. Have to see what the wife says. 

She said that she felt like she had two contractions earlier. I said put the phone to your stomach and let me talk to my daughter. She did and I told her "Baby, I know you can hear me. This is your dad. You just stay put in there. We still have way to much to do before you come out!" Don't worry too much though, we know they aren't real contractions. The doctor told her last week that her cervix is not insufficient, and that if she begins to feel these slight contractions, that don't really hurt, they are most likely just "Braxton-Hicks" contractions. These type of contractions can begin around 6 weeks, and are usually painless, but can become increasingly more painful as you approach your due date. You will know that they are the real deal when the contractions stay longer, and become closer in time.


Mama Lana Box of Bliss

We received our first "Pregnancy" box in the mail yesterday. offers a hand-selected "kit" that comes every month, designed for the expecting mother. The boxes cost $59 a piece, or if you buy the "full box service", which is all 9 boxes, you save a little money and it ends up being $459. 

When we got the box, immediately my wife was waiting to open it. I had to beg her to wait a few minutes so that I could take some pictures for this blog. We were very surprised with the personalized letter written to us. A nice touch and it shows that they truly care!

Welcome Letter, and Personalized Memo 

The personalized memo. 
"Dear Kevin and Brittany,
We are so excited for the two of you!
We love PregoForMen (as do our husbands) and look forward to working with you.
With love, Anna and Lauren, Mama Lana"

What it looks like when you open the box! Neatly organized. 

Prenatal Yoga DVD. My wife was just talking about starting yoga. She was really excited about this!

Blank Assorted Stationary

All Natural Mount Sequoia Granola Dark Chocolate Bar - She will be lucky if she gets to this before I do.

Adorable baby socks, looks like custom crochet. We will add these to her growing clothes collection.

Inspirational Cards

 Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea. My wife LOVES tea, so this is another great addition! She said that she has heard a lot of good things about this brand's complete product line, as well.

Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub. I know myself, the many benefits of coconut oil. And for your skin, it is great. She is worried about stretch marks and this should help with that.

I have to say, we were very excited to open this box. Every detail is thought through, and even the box's exterior is good looking. I wish we would have come across and their boxes a lot  sooner. The boxes start at 3 months and go to 9 months. There are 2 more boxes after that as well. 40+ Weeks "Ready for Baby", and after the baby is born, "New Mama Necessities". They are pretty cool to order for yourself, but I would think that these would make even better gifts. We can't wait to get our next box, for month 7. I am a little curious now as to what we missed in the 5 previous boxes! Be sure to check them out. Like I said they make GREAT UNIQUE GIFTS. They are truly one-of-a-kind and sure to bring a smile to any expectant mother's face.


EXCLUSIVE OFFERS to my readers!

Save $10 off ANY order with promo code - pregoformen10

Save $25 off your order of 3 or more boxes with promo code - pregoformen-go-big

Save $50 off the "Full Service" subscription with promo code - pregoformen-go-all-the-way (BEST DEAL!)


Well, the Blackhawks won. So that makes me happy, and my wife, she likes that stuff too. I missed the first two periods because of work, and travel home. We stopped at my uncle's house to watch the last period. My wife especially likes to go there because she loves children, and my little cousin is only 4 years old. She is too funny. I think she really likes my wife because every move she made, she would copy it. Kind of gives us a little preview of what's in store for us! I enjoy it, and so does she. We are excited.

Afterwards, my wife decided she wanted some ice cream. I couldn't say no to that! We attempted to go to small local mom-and-pop ice cream shop but they had closed right before we pulled up. So we settled for some Baskin-Robins. Chocolate Peanut Butter and Pralines n' Cream for me, Pistachio Almond and Pralines n' Cream for her. Oh, and some donuts for tomorrow!

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