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Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 24 Day 5 - Onesie Pizza


Up a little early before work. My wife is already gone to her job and I have to start getting ready in a minute. Every morning I say bye to her, and I say bye to the baby. She is sure that the baby knows my voice now, and when she hears me she kicks and moves around like crazy. I felt her moving around again for a little bit yesterday. 

Also I am getting tired of the Miami Heat already, I wish the Pacers would just eliminate them already!

As I'm writing this, the news on tv is talking about a mother in Chicago who stabbed her 5 month old to death. So gross, how could anyone do something so brutal, and especially to something so innocent. People are so dumb, hope she rots in jail. 

I found this "Onesie Pizza" online some time ago and I don't think I have ever shared it on here. If I did, sorry, but you are seeing it again. It's pretty cool how they folded them up to create that pizza effect. 


Ugh, another day at work with too much to do! I'm at lunch now. My wife called me earlier and was upset because he hurt her ankle somehow. She thought she tore her Acheilles Tendon, or however you spell it. I told her she would probably be on the ground, screaming, if that was the case. I'm pretty sure the pain is intolerable. But she seems to be better now. 

And I am a little mad at myself for brining a nice grilled chicken salad for lunch, but forgot to bring any dressing. Wonderful. Have you ever eaten a salad without dressing? Well, I have. Just now. And it sucked. 


Ran and got some groceries. My wife made veal patties for dinner. They were pretty good! Pan fried with some fresh lemon on them, yumm!

Got a special package in the mail today. You will see more about it tomorrow.

Here's a little preview:

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