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Friday, May 23, 2014

May 2014 Update

Hey, it's been a while. I have been focusing more on work and family life lately. It seems like there is less and less time to sit down and write. Plus, I'm not even a writer. Have I ever mentioned that before? Oh well. I've done OK so far.

Brynlee is getting so big. Actually, she will show you how big now. Take a look -

Her hair is getting so curly. When we give her a bath, and comb it, it's nice and straight. But that doesn't last too long. As soon as she eats, or naps, she almost always sweats. After that, curly again.

From this - 

To this - 

 A few weeks back, we took her to Brookfield Zoo. She loved it. I loved it. 

She has even upped to a big girl car seat! She loves her new Recaro!

And for Mother's Day, she got her mom a nice card in bed, and also lots of well-deserved gifts!! Love you, Mom!

She had to show off her love for applesauce. She is becoming quite the #selfie girl.

No teeth yet, although it looks like the bottom two will be here very shortly. You can start to see them surfacing. She loves to chew on things, probably because of teething. She really loves Daniel Tiger, and Curious George, and Super Why. 

She knows how to tell you she's hungry, by smacking her lips real loud. She thinks it's funny too, to copy us while we are eating. She's a big oatmeal fan. 

If you give her a crib full of toys, she will play in there for hours by herself. She is very observant, and focuses on even the littlest details of just about everything. She knows how to turn on toys, and how to change channels on TV. Oh, and she sure rolls around. She can scoot backwards, but isn't crawling forwards yet. Should be soon. She has the ambition. 

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