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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 30 Day 6 - Baby Room is Move-In Ready


It feels so late already today. However we got a lot accomplished. The baby's room is finally painted! My wife and I worked on it all last night, and pretty much all day today up until about an hour ago.

I kind of wish that I would have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside today, on my day off, since I very rarely get a weekend day off. It's ok though, your priorities change when you become parents, or are becoming parents. I was able to run to the bank this morning, and take the motorcycle, so I did get a little wind in my hair. Hair that my wife also cut this morning. Add that to the list of accomplishments today.

-Took the bike out
-Got my hair cut
-Went to the bank
-Made breakfast
-Painted baby's room

What we still are going to do today..

-Shopping for some more maternity clothes
-Wife's sister's birthday party, have you ever heard of WhirlyBall?
-Hopefully eat sometime, I'm starving!

Now that the baby's room is painted, we can put together her crib. Not really looking forward to that, because I hear it's quite a pain. But once that's done it's pretty much set!

Here are some before and after photos. The colors are a little off, because of the lighting and editing. But you get the idea. And before anyone says that a pregnant person shouldn't be painting, let me just tell you that she insisted on doing a lot of the work, and that we used special DutchBoy Refresh paint, which is low odor and claimed to be safe for pregnancy. It really had almost no smell whatsoever. Interesting stuff..

Original walls were a matte white/dirty white look. Easily wiped off with your fingers. No good for babies.

Taped off everything. Painted closet door white.

Clearer picture.

Wife painting up on the ladder. I watched her, and kept a firm grip on the ladder.


More painting...

Finished! Now if only we had some new carpet... (Walls are not this dark in person, must be lighting?)

Walls are done, trim is all repainted white as well.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 30 Day 5 - Time to Paint


I had a training class this morning at a different store. It went pretty well, I learned quite a bit. Usually we are too busy for me to even have a chance to learn how to cut anything, I only know the basics. But today, we had 4 hours of straight watching/learning. So that's good. Now I have a little more confidence on what to do, when I need to do it. We stay very busy. Very hard to get things done most of the time.

We are going to start painting the baby's room tonight. I already moved everything out of there so that we can get to the walls. There isn't much space in there, so it might be a little cramped. Hopefully it's easy. Also, we have vaulted ceilings throughout our house, so we will need a ladder to paint up high. We don't own a ladder, yet. I'll have to borrow one from my uncle.

If you looked at my Facebook page earlier, you would have seen my comment about the following photo. I thought it was pretty funny, because I opened my lunch today at work, which my wife reluctantly made for me early this morning, only to find a packet of SPAM and a hotdog "stick" (no bun) in a baggie. Thanks a lot, hun.

Yum... I ate it though, not bad...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 30 Day 4 - 10 Weeks to 30 Weeks Photo Timeline


I have to work the late shift tonight.. 2pm to 10pm. Not fun. But it will be extremely easy, so that's one way to look at it. Just got off the motorcycle, had to go drop my wife's debit card off to her work, because she forgot it at home. Happens probably twice a week...... However, it gives me a good reason to get out and enjoy the weather.

So I realized that living with your pregnant wife, you don't really notice the changes of the belly. You see her everyday so you cant tell that it's growing except when you look at old pictures. I thought I would put some pictures up of the transformation from when we first found out she was pregnant, until yesterday, 30 weeks along.

10 Weeks to 30 Weeks Photo Timeline

The beginning

12 weeks
12 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks. It's A Girl!

18 weeks

19 weeks

22 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks

24 weeks (obviously)

25 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks

26 weeks

28 weeks

28 weeks
30 weeks!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 30 Day 3 - What Is An Overnight Bag?


Surprisingly, I am up and ready about an hour early for work. I typically sleep up until the last 5 minutes I have, before I will be late. Lunch is already made, had breakfast, wife is at work, and time to write today's blog.

We took some pictures last night of the "bump". Of course, my wife deleted about 90% of them because she thinks she looks "fat". I said, you are NOT fat! You are pregnant! You are supposed to have a belly! She better get over it because it's only going to get bigger the next 10 weeks... She seems to think that she has less than 10 weeks though, which is why I need to learn more about this "Overnight Bag".

23 years old pregoformen

What To Bring In Your Overnight Bag

  • Have it ready by 35 weeks
  • Insurance info
  • Birth plan, if you have one
  • Non-skid socks
  • Hospital forms
  • A warm sweater, or robe
  • 2 Maternity bras, and nursing pads
  • Underwear, ones that you don't mind ruining
  • Travel size toiletries, and personal items
  • Lip Balm
  • Eyeglasses
  • Headband
  • Sugar-free hard candy
  • Change for the vending machines, and non-perishable snacks
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Camera, batteries, extra memory card
  • Gym bag with a change of clothes for ME, the dad!
-What to add for the baby
  • Approved car seat
  • Coming home outfit
  • Warm blankets
  • Outdoor gear if you baby is born in cold weather, they are extra sensitive to cold
-Derived from

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 30 Day 2 - The Crafty Vixen


Was out looking at Harley-Davidson bikes all day. Why? I don't know, not like we can afford one. I need to get rid of my sport bike though. A cruiser would be nice, just don't know what I would get. Maybe I'll just save my money for now....

2013 HD Breakout test drive
Harley Davidson Test Drive, I drove all three of these!

My wife seems to feel that the baby is going to come sooner than we expect. She is having slight contractions and her feet are swelling pretty bad. We went to the store to find a hospital overnight bag, but couldn't find anything suitable for what she wants. We will have to keep looking around and hopefully find something we like.

The Crafty Vixen

This online shop (also on Etsy!) has the coolest handmade sashes for bachelorette parties, baby showers, pageants, weddings, or whatever else you might need one for. They are fully customizable and are not expensive at all. When we received ours in the mail, I was so surprised by the quality. They are the real deal. We are going to wear them at our baby shower, and I will post more pictures of that when it comes. But in the meantime, check these things out! They are great! The ones that we got are only 16 dollars a piece, and seriously worth every penny. I wouldn't talk it up if I wasn't impressed. I'm brutally honest, people.

BTW: Use code PREGOFORMEN to save 15% off your order.  (yeah, your welcome!)

baby shower sashes male female mom dad
Matching! sashes custom baby shower custom baby sashes

We both have our own! I love it! Like I said, you can customize just about everything about them. The font, font color, sash color, feet color, etc. What's not to like? Thanks!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 30 Day 1 - Stocking Up On Baby Gear


Skipping my lunch today at work so I don't have much time to write. Eating some leftover Chinese food. There's not many things I like leftover, but Chinese food, Taco Bell, and pizza, I can handle. 

We went to my mom's house a couple days ago. And it's crazy how much baby gear she already has stockpiled up throughout the house. Remember, my stepsister is having twins a couple months after we are due. So she needs extra gear in case she ever has all three at the same time. We walked into the garage to this "small" amount of stuff... 

She already has carseats, toys, clothes, diapers, bassinet, etc. Almost more than we have!!

Tomorrow I will be showing you our newest addition to the baby related stuff. Thanks to 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 29 Day 7 - Bathroom Painted and Beignets


It's a late post tonight. I came home from work to find the bathroom basically painted. My wife did it all, while pregnant! She is crazy. She painted all of the walls, including the ceiling, and also did the trim and door. We did a neutral, "chocolate milkshake" color. I like to call it that color, because it's what it reminds me of. I don't know the actual name. And I really don't care, to be honest. Milkshake it is. Speaking of milkshake, I could go for a Wendy's frosty right about now.

We walked over to my uncle's house. They just got back tonight from Nebraska, where our family reunion was. I couldn't go because of work. It was over the 4th of July, can't remember if I mentioned that already or not. But my dad and stepmom were there for the night, they are leaving tomorrow and heading back to their home on the east coast. We had pizza with them for dinner. My stepsister recently went to New Orleans and she had a picture of it on Facebook. I commented on the picture for her to bring me back some Beignet mix. Basically a creole donut. They are really good, and just melt in your mouth. Of course, it's better when you get them made there, but this is close enough.

Beignets from Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans, LA

Sometimes my wife still feels sick, even almost 30 weeks into the pregnancy. Like a morning sickness feeling. It supposedly is somewhat common for a pregnant woman to feel some of the morning sickness symptoms again in the third trimester. Luckily, they are nowhere near as severe as the first trimester. She was throwing up daily. Remember I had the PUKE FACTOR count at the bottom of each day's blog post? Yes, you do, if your a true follower.

Anyways I stumbled upon an article over at that thoroughly explains morning sickness and ways to cope with it. Check it out - here.

PUKE FACTOR = 0  (just kidding, she hasn't thrown up in months...)
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