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Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 30 Day 5 - Time to Paint


I had a training class this morning at a different store. It went pretty well, I learned quite a bit. Usually we are too busy for me to even have a chance to learn how to cut anything, I only know the basics. But today, we had 4 hours of straight watching/learning. So that's good. Now I have a little more confidence on what to do, when I need to do it. We stay very busy. Very hard to get things done most of the time.

We are going to start painting the baby's room tonight. I already moved everything out of there so that we can get to the walls. There isn't much space in there, so it might be a little cramped. Hopefully it's easy. Also, we have vaulted ceilings throughout our house, so we will need a ladder to paint up high. We don't own a ladder, yet. I'll have to borrow one from my uncle.

If you looked at my Facebook page earlier, you would have seen my comment about the following photo. I thought it was pretty funny, because I opened my lunch today at work, which my wife reluctantly made for me early this morning, only to find a packet of SPAM and a hotdog "stick" (no bun) in a baggie. Thanks a lot, hun.

Yum... I ate it though, not bad...

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