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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 30 Day 6 - Baby Room is Move-In Ready


It feels so late already today. However we got a lot accomplished. The baby's room is finally painted! My wife and I worked on it all last night, and pretty much all day today up until about an hour ago.

I kind of wish that I would have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside today, on my day off, since I very rarely get a weekend day off. It's ok though, your priorities change when you become parents, or are becoming parents. I was able to run to the bank this morning, and take the motorcycle, so I did get a little wind in my hair. Hair that my wife also cut this morning. Add that to the list of accomplishments today.

-Took the bike out
-Got my hair cut
-Went to the bank
-Made breakfast
-Painted baby's room

What we still are going to do today..

-Shopping for some more maternity clothes
-Wife's sister's birthday party, have you ever heard of WhirlyBall?
-Hopefully eat sometime, I'm starving!

Now that the baby's room is painted, we can put together her crib. Not really looking forward to that, because I hear it's quite a pain. But once that's done it's pretty much set!

Here are some before and after photos. The colors are a little off, because of the lighting and editing. But you get the idea. And before anyone says that a pregnant person shouldn't be painting, let me just tell you that she insisted on doing a lot of the work, and that we used special DutchBoy Refresh paint, which is low odor and claimed to be safe for pregnancy. It really had almost no smell whatsoever. Interesting stuff..

Original walls were a matte white/dirty white look. Easily wiped off with your fingers. No good for babies.

Taped off everything. Painted closet door white.

Clearer picture.

Wife painting up on the ladder. I watched her, and kept a firm grip on the ladder.


More painting...

Finished! Now if only we had some new carpet... (Walls are not this dark in person, must be lighting?)

Walls are done, trim is all repainted white as well.

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