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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 30 Day 7 - WhirlyBall


So yesterday we finished the baby's room. Or at least got it painted and all of the "storage" stuff out of there. Today I worked all day, and my wife met me at the grocery store when I got off. We picked up a bunch of groceries (not like we don't already have a freezer full). But most of our snack foods were depleted. That's what we eat the most of. Oh, and milk and eggs.

We are probably going to eat a quick dinner and then start setting up her crib tonight. I was planning on doing it Tuesday, my day off, but some circumstances changed at work, and I might have to go in Tuesday night. It would all be overtime so it's hard to pass that opportunity up. Hopefully we can get it done tonight, it says one hour on the box, but I know it's probably going to take just a little longer than that.

Last night we went out for my wife's sister's birthday. She had a party at a "WhirlyBall" place. I'm not too sure if these are worldwide, or how well known this "sport" is, but it was pretty neat. It was our first time there, and their are a few locations around Chicago. Some of my friends have gone there before, and always talked about how much fun it is. It's basically like a large basketball court, but you are in bumper cars, and hold scoops and a ball. You can pass the ball to others, using your "scoop". It reminded me of LaCrosse but on a basketball court, in bumper cars. You can see their website -

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