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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 26 Day 6 - Eat Beans Pregnant Women!


If you read yesterday's post, you would already know what we had for dinner last night. But I wanted to explain why it is actually healthy for a pregnant women to eat Chipotle's food. As long as you pick the right ingredients. A few things that my wife likes to get on her Burrito Bowl, and that are very good for pregnant women to be eating, or anyone for that matter, are:

  1. Black Beans - Any legumes ((lima beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans or chickpeas, black beans, dried beans and peas, lentils, soybeans) are good for you, as long as they aren't altered in any way, like refried beans. Refried beans are one of the worst in terms of fat content. They are high in folic acid, which is vital to the development of the baby's neural tube. Also high in iron (development of red blood cells), and fiber (helps with constipation, a common problem amongst pregnant women).
  2. Avocados - The main ingredient in guacamole. Avocados are loaded with "good" monounsaturated fats, which help to lower cholesterol while also supplying the body with the essential compounds necessary for a baby's developing brain, eyes, nervous system and fatty tissues. Avocados are also rich in potassium, B vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.
  3. Corn - Chipotle has a medium corn salsa, which is loaded with folate (helps prevent spina bifida), fiber (constipation help), thiamine (boosts memory capabilities in new-borns later in life), zeaxanthin(protective affect against macular degeneration in the later years of your baby's life), pantothenic acid(helps in proper physiological functioning of internal organs during pregnancy).
  4. Fajita veggies - The bell peppers are loaded with vitamins.
  5. Grilled Chicken - High in protein, low in fat. Chipotle only uses all natural chicken breast too, no hormones or processing.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 26 Day 5 - Passed Test & State Farm


Lots to do at work as usual. Not much time to write today. But I did want to say that she passed her gestational diabetes test. Meaning that she isn't required to go back for the 3 hour, more-extensive test. So that's good news. 

Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar (diabetes) that starts or is first diagnosed during pregnancy.

Also learned that because of our address change, our insurance went up 60 dollars per month. That is a lot! And we moved to more rural area. I would have thought it would go down. Insurance is such a scam. Thanks a lot State Farm! Looks like the bike is really going to have to get sold. Darn!


Wife and I just got back from Chipotle. It's so good, but it always makes me sick. Probably because I like the hottest salsa that they have. Ever hear the expression - "Hurts so good"? That's how my relationship with Chipotle is.

We are going to spend some time going through the baby name book. I thought we had it narrowed down, but going to do another run-through just in case. This is harder than I thought it would be.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 26 Day 4 - We Survived


Well, we survived the storm. All of our stuff survived too. It was actually pretty tame, to be honest. My wife arrived home from work right while the worst was rolling in. The news announced a tornado had touched down about 10 miles west of us, and was headed east at 35mph. At that point I decided it would be a good idea to head over to my uncle's house who lives down the street. They have a basement and would be a much better place to be in a tornado, than in our second story condo. But, there were a few close lightning strikes, that shook the windows, other than that, nothing. Oh maybe some hail, not really sure since we were in the basement. I know a few towns over they had baseball sized hail. I snapped a few pictures of the clouds.

My wife has been getting uncomfortable lately. She is always hurting somewhere, whether it's her feet, her back, her butt, etc. She has a hard time finding a comfortable way to lay on the couch. Last night, while I was watching the Blackhawks(beat Boston in 3 Overtimes!), she was looking at more crib bedding sets, and baby shower invitations. To me, I would just look through for a little while and narrow down my favorite. For her, it's been weeks and weeks. I don't really understand, but I guess it's more personal to her. She wants to find "the one".  We are running out of time so hopefully she finds something fast. I already showed her the ones that I liked. I think we are trying to stay away from something to "loud" because we will get sick of it fast, and would like to stay away from anything that's too "baby-ish". Try to get a few years out of it at least.

This is an Email I received from about the 26th Week of Pregnancy:

Your Baby

Practice breaths. This week, your baby's nostrils are starting to open up, which gives him the chance to practice breathing using his muscles and lungs. There's no air to take in, of course, so instead he "inhales" and "exhales" amniotic fluid. By the time he's born, he'll be a pro.

What a sucker! Your baby is also flexing some of his feeding muscles— his lips and mouth. His sucking reflex is so strong that if his hand floats by his face, he'll suck on his thumb or fingers. Ultrasounds often show babies in utero sucking their thumbs. In fact, some babies are born with sucking blisters on their fingers, thumbs, lips, or hands. Sucking is just one of the 70-plus reflexes your baby will have when he's born.

Up for grabs. "Grasping something—like my umbilical cord—is my newest trick." Grasping is another of those many reflexes. If you hold out your finger to a newborn, you'll be amazed by the strength of his clutch. Your baby is practicing his killer grip right now. His favorite pull toy is his umbilical cord, which he likes to yank and tug. Don't worry; the cord is up to the challenge.

Measuring up. Your baby is about 13 inches long and weighs around 1.75 pounds.

Your Pregnancy

Snack attack. Remember, your baby is eating off your plate, so you need to continue to pay attention to what you eat and how often you eat. You also need to eat right for your own well being; low blood sugar can make you dizzy, shaky, and tired. Small, frequent meals will help keep your blood sugar even. When you're out and about, carry small, portable snacks like fruit or yogurt so you don't get stuck somewhere without something nutritious to munch on.

Some like it hot. Many women wonder if they should stay away from spicy food when they're pregnant. There is no simple answer to this question. If you like spicy food and tolerate it well, by all means continue to eat it. However, trying food you're not accustomed to can cause an upset stomach, whether you're pregnant or not, so proceed with caution when it comes to adventurous cuisine.

From the experts. "If your pregnancy is not high-risk, you can probably work up until your due date," says Margaret Comerford Freda, Ed.D., R.N. Even so, there are measures you should take each day to stay comfortable, like propping up your feet frequently to aid circulation and minimize swelling.-

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 26 Day 3 - 26 Week Pregnancy Photos & High Risk Storm Warning


Off today. I was excited to watch Game 1 of the Blackhawks game tonight, but we have "High Risk" storm warnings for tonight. I have DirecTV. If any of you have had satellite television before, you know that when it rains heavily, or storms, a lot of the time the TV doesn't work. It can't see the satellite signals through the obstructing rain. So that's wonderful. They are also saying that the winds can be up to 100mph, baseball sized hail, and possible tornadoes. This is a little nerve-racking because we live on the second story. No basement here. Plus we just got new patio furniture! Looks like it will be in the living room tonight. Also I have my car and bike in the garage, but my wife's has to stay outside. With damaging hail coming, that's also not too good. We'll see what happens I guess, what else can you really do? If you don't see a blog post from me tomorrow, assume that I was taken away in the wind.

Some Tips from NBC

We also took some new photos last night, while laying on the couch. We originally sat down to look through some more baby names, but ended up falling asleep until 3am. Oops...

It's so hard to believe that their is a living being in there!


Spending some time with my daughter!

Oh and we went to the OB/GYN yesterday so that she could get some blood taken for the gestational diabetes test. I thought she had already gone for that a few weeks back, but turned out they waited until yesterday. They are also testing for Anemia. There was a bright orange drink that she had to down 5 minutes before she could get her blood taken. Most people say it's nasty, but she said it wasn't too bad, like a flat orange soda. We should know the results by tonight. If she doesn't pass the test, she will have to go for another 3 hour test to determine the situation. Hopefully not.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 26 Day 2 - Stretch Mark Remedies


Baby was really moving around yesterday. It's cool to watch because you can clearly see her moving around in my wife's belly. She said that baby had been sitting at an awkward position for a few days and it was bothering her, and uncomfortable. But yesterday she must have moved around, because she felt better. Whenever I talk to her belly, the baby always moves around, she wants her dad already!!

Yesterday I asked my Twitter followers what they used for stretch marks, because my wife is very afraid of getting them. She has been using the Burt's Bees Belly Butter. I told her she will still be beautiful, whether she gets them or not, and that it wouldn't bother me one bit. Here are some of the responses that I recieved:

Thank you Twitter friends!

My wife currently uses this for stretch marks. She doesn't have any yet, could this be the reason?

Alright I have to go drop a contact lens off to my wife at work. Hers ripped or something on her way there this morning. Since I am the best husband there is, I will bring her a new one. (actually it's beautiful outside, and it's a good reason to take out the motorcycle).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 26 Day 1 - Hungry Globetrotter Subscription Box Review


I want to share how great of an idea that I think this whole "subscription box" trend is. You pay monthly and recieve a box of just about anything, each month. There are so many different companies out there doing this now. It's pretty cool. Look it up sometime. Remember Mama Lana?

The Hungry Globetrotter is a great idea because they put together a hand-picked box of recipe ingredients, for different cultures. The boxes come quarterly (4x a year) and cost $34.95 per quarter.

For example: I received their "World Dinner Club" box and it is inspired by the country of Peru.

Customized Boxes

8x8x4, not a huge box

Recipe cards

Recipe card, grocery list, information about the included products

A little history of the country. In this case, Peru

The contents safely packaged

Kaniwa Whole Grain, a crunchier cousin to the popular Quinoa

Zocalo Aji Amarillo Chili Paste, a staple in Peru

Spicely Organic Ground Cumin

Spicely Organic Oregano

Everything laid out

The recipe that these ingredients are intended to create is a very popular Peruvian dish: "Pollo a la Brasa". In English that translates to Peruvian Roast Chicken with Spiced Kaniwa. The recipe sounds great, and I can't wait to make it(well, my wife will most likely make it). The secret of Peruvian food is that it blends ancient grains with Japanese and Chinese zest to produce wonderfully distinct flavors.

The ingredients that they supply are high quality, and looks like mostly organic. If you have ever checked out organic spices at the grocery store, and even quinoa, they are extremely expensive. Which is what makes the cost of 34.95 for this box, a big DEAL. Plus, you experience flavors that you won't find in your area unless you vacation to the country itself. I remember going to Costa Rica and LOVING the food there, only to find that there is nothing that can recreate that flavor around here. And I am in Chicago, one of the most diverse food cities in the United States. Also, would you go to the store and think to yourself - "I think I am going to make a Peruvian dish tonight for dinner." Probably not, but these kits give you inspiration to try something new, and different. Just remember, each quarter is something new, not just Peruvian food. I think it's a great idea. Thanks Hungry Globetrotter.

They also have a new Heat Seekers Club, which is a monthly subscription service for hot sauces from around the world. Not burn-your-face-off hot sauces, but medium heat that represents different flavors. I am really interested in this club as well. I love a little heat! $14.95 per month.

The Hungry Globetrotter

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 25 Day 7 - Lessons of Marriage, Men's Edition 1


As you can see, I am getting on here pretty late tonight. I worked 12-8 today so it kind of ruined my day. Even worse, that is what I will be working the rest of the week. It looks like that is the whole point behind my new position, is to have somewhere there later, to cut specials and clean up.

I was going to review my subscription box that I received from Hungry Globetrotter today, but I have so much to say about it, and I am just too tired tonight. Check them out and I will tell you more in a future post. They have a pretty cool service, sending you monthly international recipe "kits". Unique, Organic, and Delicious!

This morning, while taking a shower, I saw a long, brown hair on the side of the shower wall. And it got me thinking about everything I have learned while being married...

  • There is hair EVERYWHERE. The bathroom floor, the bed, my car, you name it, there's female hair there.
  • The closet is hers. Don't bother trying to get some closet space. Closets were invented for women. Dressers are for guys. Half of the dresser. Oh, and the top of the dresser is theirs too.
  • Leave the decorating up to them. Guy's, we are not interior designers, face it. Let them pick everything. It will save you a lot of headaches. And they will be a lot happier, too. When the woman is happy, everyone is happy.
  • She cooks, you do the dishes. Maybe this doesn't apply to everyone. She cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do all the dishes. Fair enough.
  • Don't waste your money on a king-size bed. She's going to sleep on top of you anyways. The extra price for extra space= pointless. Same goes for couches.
  • When they want to talk to you, they are going to talk to you. It doesn't matter if your busy, or using the restroom, or taking a shower, or watching tv. They will always have something to talk about. Example: Right now, even though I am clearly occupied writing this blog, I am being told about some grapeseed oil that we should buy. Learn to tune it out guys, or else you will never make it.
  • Your opinions don't really matter. Even though your input is expected, it won't change her mind. But you better give it, and you better be sincere.
  • Your money is not your money. I used to hear older men talk about how they only have a few dollars to spend, and think that it was ridiculous. I now live on about 10 dollars allowance per week. Enough for my daily donut and energy drink.
  • Her needs come first. I needed new work shoes for months. I stand on my feet 8 hours per day at work, and they were literally peeling apart. But she needed new clothes. One closet full isn't enough. Her work will fire her if she doesn't have new outfits... And then she won't have a job or an income.... So she really needs those clothes, you know.... (end sarcasm)
  • Hold her purse. She will ask you to hold her purse, in public. It's not because she needs you to hold it. This is a test. I repeat, a TEST. If you hold it, you must love her. You are willing to have your man card taken away from you while people pass by and stare. Hold it, and hold it proud. Just don't walk around with it swinging from your arms. That's not normal.

Well it's dinner time. Whatever she is making smells really good. Can't wait to do those dishes!

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