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Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 14 Day 5


Today has been a lot better than yesterday. I've been at work all day and my wife and grandparents are taking most of our stuff to our new place today. Some of our bigger furniture is still at her sister's house so we are getting a trailer and getting that stuff tomorrow. If we sleep there tonight we will probably be on the floor. I don't have an air mattress and our bed won't be there until tomorrow. Oh well I'm sure we won't be the first people to do it.

She has already been becoming uncomfortable to sleep though. Her back always hurts and she tosses and turns all night. If you touch her stomach wrong its painful for her. Like if you put any pressure at all she will jump and say it hurts. Is that normal? I don't know.

It's so weird to think we have our own place. After three years (on march 31), we are finally going to be on our own. We've always lived with family. First my mom then her sister, now my grandparents. It's a great feeling to know that we finally did it. How we are going to afford it I'm not too sure. But we will make it work. We have to. She has lived on her own before, I haven't.

It's pretty nice outside today, still cold but sunny. Warm in the car. I would still much rather be on the beach somewhere with an ice cold beer!


It's technically tomorrow but I don't care. We are at the new place and my wife is cleaning everything. I know it sounds bad but I've tried to clean and I just get yelled at for doing it wrong. So she likes to clean a certain way so I just let her do it and keep her company. She's ok with it, even while pregnant.

We have a ton of stuff to put away. Sent a couple hundred at Walmart tonight just getting cleaning supplies, cups, silverware, garbage can, and all the other necessities that we need just to get by. Even had to get a shower rod and curtain, Kleenex, paper towels, stuff like that. It's crazy how much stuff you really need to survive in a house just one day.

Our bed won't be here until tomorrow so we have an air mattress tonight. Figured it's good to have anyways in case anyone wants to spend the night. Not sure if we are going to get a sleeper sofa or not. It's a big price difference and now we have a nice big queen size air mattress.

We are going to be up very early to go pick up my grandpa's truck and borrow it to pull the uhaul trailer we rented for tomorrow. We should be able to pick up most of the rest of our belongings tomorrow with it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 14 Day 4


Getting up and getting ready to meet up with my dad. I think he said he is at Panera Bread for breakfast. Also we are trying to figure out how we are going to move everything. We have a little bit of stuff here and a little bit of stuff there. Going to be a pain but we have to do it. We are probably going to rent a Uhaul and try to get it all done in one day.


 Well today didn't go like planned but that's ok. We had a lot of running around to do to get everything ready for moving in. We were able to meet with the owner/landlord and get the keys to the place. We had to do the walk-through and change a little around on the lease. He seemed like a really nice guy, so I think we got lucky there. It's nice that it has a seperate garage included so that I will have somewhere to store my motorcycle and still have enough room for a car. She's going to go there tomorrow with some of our necessities and also to clean everything over. (It's pretty clean though)

Another pothole in our relationship today. Someone/something always trying to interfere. But it's ok, we are adults and can handle our issues just like any other couple. Nobody is perfect and nobody ever will be. Things happen and people move on. We have enough stress in our life already and to add more is just bad taste. I understand people are looking out for me but like I said, I am an adult. If I screw up than I need to learn my lesson. I always have. We always have. We have never been a stronger couple than what we are now, and I hope everyone sees that. We learn from our mistakes and grow stronger from them. We finally have our own place now. We won't be involved in anyone else's drama anymore. If there is a problem between us, we are capable of handling it ourselves and overcoming it. It just seems like anytime there is any sort of bump in our road it is broadcast to everyone. A lot of people don't like that we are together. But I assure any of them, I am perfectly fine. We love eachother. My wife is tough, probably tougher than me. And that's what I love about her. She will stand up for herself and what she believes in, something that I was never good at doing. She has made me a lot stronger of a person. I'm not the pushover I used to be. She's the only one that deserves credit for that. Just remember, everyone makes mistakes, even if you think they are perfect. It's human nature. We've all done it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 14 Day 3


Greek yogurt, toast with cherry preserves(weird, but was pretty good), and a hard boiled egg. Healthy breakfast to start the day. I have to work at 1pm until 9pm. Also had to wash my clothes for work since it hasn't been done in a while(yuck).

It looks like the ball is rolling on the rental. I filled out the whole application for the credit/background check just waiting on my mom. She hadn't received the email last time I talked to her. So once that gets going we should be good. We spent some time figuring out our budget this morning and we should be just fine. We have a lot of things we could get rid of too if we absolutely needed to.

Grandma and Grandpa just got back from breakfast and Menards. She brought home some Curly's Baby Back Ribs from Menards for dinner. I have had them before and they are REALLY good! Too bad I won't be home for dinner. Maybe they will leave me some leftovers.


Pretty much done with my work already. Just eating a snack on break. I made some golden rainbow trout for samples. It's really good. Try it sometime if your local store has some. It is similar in taste to salmon.

Big Blackhawks game tonight. Playing Anaheim, who are doing almost as good as the Hawks.

Better get back into work before I get into trouble!


Well, all kinds of good news tonight.

  1. WE GOT APPROVED FOR THE LEASE. And it sounds like I was approved on my own! No cosigner.... (we'll see).
  2. This blog has over 1000 pageviews! I think thats pretty impressive in only a few weeks. And no, I don't track my own pageviews.
  3. The hawks are getting outplayed, the game is tied, but they are still getting pushed around pretty good. (and I am not sure why this is under good news because it isn't.)

My dad is in town tonight and tomorrow so we are going to meet up with him for breakfast. Hopefully I will have a copy of the lease by the morning so we can go over it and get it taken care of.

I am extremely worn out from work. Got a couple pallets of hams priced. My left knee has really been bothering me lately and heavy work doesn't help. So now it already feels sore, I can't imagine how it will feel tomorrow. At least I am off work.

My grandma made baby back ribs and some sides for dinner. I had to eat leftover but it was delicious!

My wife said she threw up today. However, she thinks it was from having a migrane and not related to the pregnancy. Tomorrow she has to go a diagnostics center to have prenatal bloodwork done and a urine sample. And it looks like we need to do a little shopping to get ready for a new place, we don't have plates, silverware, couches, table, chairs, stools, all kinds of stuff. Most will have to be accumulated over time.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 14 Day 2


Oh man, I just stuffed myself with some leftover corned beef and cabbage! So delicious. Anyways I am on my lunch break and I got a call from my wife telling me that she got an email from our agent saying that the listing agent wouldn't take a money order(which is what I gave him) for he credit/background check. He only will take cash. Now come on, a money order is the same as cash. You don't have to wait for funds or anything like a personal check. The listing agent is a real pain. Maybe he should give it to someone else. I feel bad for our realtor because he won't make much off of us and now he has to deal with headaches. We want to get out by the weekend and everyday we are set back another day it seems. Sure is frustrating.

Also got a bunch of hams in today at work. Time to set up for Easter.

I place ads on my blog that are relevant to what I am talking about or baby related. Make sure to check out some of the products because they pertain to me and everyone else! I only look for reasonable priced things that interest me, and I hope interest you.. Thanks!


  Well our realtor talked to the broker of the company that the listing agent works for. Turns out he is NOT supposed to be asking for only cash for the credit/background check. So I don't know if we got him in a lot of trouble or not, but I really don't care. We really want that place. Also the broker took over and is using our money order and getting the process going. It is already a rip-off charging 45 dollars per applicant for a credit/background check when they don't cost anywhere near that. My dad is a realtor and he said a credit check costs like 9 dollars. So they just pocket the extra money. Whatever, it is what it is.

Came home from work and dinner was just about ready. I love when that happens. Had a small side salad and some Cheesy Tuna Helper (1 dollar for tuna helper, 50 cents for a can of tuna x2= $2.00 meal). And it was good! Can't beat that. I really need to boil some eggs to take for lunch. But I am too lazy. Maybe in the morning.

Has anyone seen the new TV show Splash? Caught a little bit of that while we were eating dinner. HOW STUPID. What will they come up with next? Come on, now they have celebrities diving into water and being judged? Pretty soon they will have a show where they see what celebrity can sit down in a chair the fastest. AND PEOPLE WILL WATCH IT.

My wife was supposed to have a doctors appointment today but it was cancelled because the doctor had to go to the hospital to deliver a baby! So now she goes next Tuesday instead.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 14 Day 1


I think I have "pregnancy brain". Is that possible? I'm not even the pregnant one. I have been really spacey lately, and I'm not too sure why...

I was off today, usually am on Mondays, so I ran around and took care of some stuff for the rental. Got everything submitted and now just have to wait to hear back.

My wife worked until 1pm today and then met me at another furniture store. They had the exact same couch set that we liked at Ashley Furniture. If we wanted to buy the couches seperate this place was willing to negotiate. However, if we wanted to do the complete set, Ashley was the best deal. We are going to see if we can find anything slightly used or maybe something cheaper somewhere else. I figure it's all going to get ruined anyways from the baby...

After that we went to meet my friend from work for an early dinner at a popular Greek restaurant here in the suburbs of Chicago. We were in the area about 30 minutes early so we stopped at Buy Buy Baby and shopped around. We didn't buy anything but she wanted to show me everything that goes along with having a baby. There's so much stuff that I would never even think about. Luckily for me, she is already on top of all this stuff. I'll leave most of that up to her, as I would imagine most guys would. The girls like that stuff. Me, I don't really care, get whatever you like because it doesn't matter much to me. Although, they do have some pretty cool looking car seats and strollers now.

So we had a great time at the Greek place. It was nice to meet up outside of work and be able to have a good meal and conversation. It was her and her fiance, and me and my wife. I had some combination platter that included a variety of Greek specialties. Lamb, rice, meatball, moussaka, dolmades, and veggies. It was really good. My wife just had dolmades, which are like stuffed grape leaves. She just read online that grape leaves are very healthy for pregnant women, or anyone in general. Very high in fiber. I also had a Greek beer which was recommended by my coworker. Hillas, I believe was the name of it? I could be wrong, but it was very good. I would go back there again. Oh, and how could I forget, the donut-like pastry that was drizzled with honey and cinnamon that they brought out at the end, yumm!!

We had to run back to my parents later to pick up a letter to renew my Ipass(our tollway pass). It's on final notice and my work actually renews them so I will just bring it tomorrow. But got to see some more pictures of my stepsister's ultrasound. Looks like she is having twins. I can't remember if I already mentioned that. Too lazy to check my recent posts. Really worn out lately, been running around like crazy between St. Patty's Day, looking for places, baby stuff, work, ugh. Tired, tired, tired!

Stopped at Target on our way home. Wanted to check out silverware sets, and plates. We can get those for pretty cheap. So that shouldn't be a problem. We are just trying to figure out everything we will need for a new place. My wife has some stuff already from when she used to have an apartment when she lived alone in Texas. It helps to already have things so we aren't starting from complete scratch. Also saw a baby bullet, the baby food processor. We really want to get one of those. I'm sure it will end up on one of our registries. Reminds me that we need to start thinking about getting a few of those done too. Baby shower is in August.

Alright, that's enough for one night. Bedtime now. (possibly after a bowl of butter pecan ice cream!!)

PUKE FACTOR= 0x (hasn't in a while)

Week 13 Day 7


Woke up nice and early this morning. Wife made me some eggs and toast, shes getting ready to leave for work now. We are going to submit a new application to try and get this condo due to some complications last time. There's always something in the way and making it harder on us. But maybe this will work. We can only hope.

So this morning I have to run out by my mom's and get a few things, then meet up with our realtor somewhere along the way since, of course, they want 45 dollars per applicant for a credit/background check, which is overpriced. Anything to make a couple extra bucks I suppose...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 13 Day 6


Good day at work, was pretty calm and easy. Made some samples again for the customers, like bourbon pork chops, and corned beef with sauerkraut.

My wife said she felt some pain or moving from the baby again today. The doctor says its too early for the baby to be moving but she swears she can feel something. Like fluttering maybe.

Now we are out by my wife's parents house for St. Patty's Day. Her dad made an excellent corned beef dinner. He's a really good cook. This was probably the best corned beef and cabbage I've ever had. I actually had two plates full. So much for watching my diet... Hey it's protein, right?

Some more issues came up with getting a place so we might be on hold again for a little bit. It's always something. I hate looking for places. Just ready to be in something and settled. We want to be settled before my wife starts her new job so that we aren't trying to move and get situated while we are both working a lot more. It will be even harder then.

Going to dinner tomorrow with a lady from my work. She has been talking about going to a famous Greek place with me and my wife for a little while now(she's VERY Greek). So we finally planned to go to a late lunch tomorrow with her for that.
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