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Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 14 Day 1


I think I have "pregnancy brain". Is that possible? I'm not even the pregnant one. I have been really spacey lately, and I'm not too sure why...

I was off today, usually am on Mondays, so I ran around and took care of some stuff for the rental. Got everything submitted and now just have to wait to hear back.

My wife worked until 1pm today and then met me at another furniture store. They had the exact same couch set that we liked at Ashley Furniture. If we wanted to buy the couches seperate this place was willing to negotiate. However, if we wanted to do the complete set, Ashley was the best deal. We are going to see if we can find anything slightly used or maybe something cheaper somewhere else. I figure it's all going to get ruined anyways from the baby...

After that we went to meet my friend from work for an early dinner at a popular Greek restaurant here in the suburbs of Chicago. We were in the area about 30 minutes early so we stopped at Buy Buy Baby and shopped around. We didn't buy anything but she wanted to show me everything that goes along with having a baby. There's so much stuff that I would never even think about. Luckily for me, she is already on top of all this stuff. I'll leave most of that up to her, as I would imagine most guys would. The girls like that stuff. Me, I don't really care, get whatever you like because it doesn't matter much to me. Although, they do have some pretty cool looking car seats and strollers now.

So we had a great time at the Greek place. It was nice to meet up outside of work and be able to have a good meal and conversation. It was her and her fiance, and me and my wife. I had some combination platter that included a variety of Greek specialties. Lamb, rice, meatball, moussaka, dolmades, and veggies. It was really good. My wife just had dolmades, which are like stuffed grape leaves. She just read online that grape leaves are very healthy for pregnant women, or anyone in general. Very high in fiber. I also had a Greek beer which was recommended by my coworker. Hillas, I believe was the name of it? I could be wrong, but it was very good. I would go back there again. Oh, and how could I forget, the donut-like pastry that was drizzled with honey and cinnamon that they brought out at the end, yumm!!

We had to run back to my parents later to pick up a letter to renew my Ipass(our tollway pass). It's on final notice and my work actually renews them so I will just bring it tomorrow. But got to see some more pictures of my stepsister's ultrasound. Looks like she is having twins. I can't remember if I already mentioned that. Too lazy to check my recent posts. Really worn out lately, been running around like crazy between St. Patty's Day, looking for places, baby stuff, work, ugh. Tired, tired, tired!

Stopped at Target on our way home. Wanted to check out silverware sets, and plates. We can get those for pretty cheap. So that shouldn't be a problem. We are just trying to figure out everything we will need for a new place. My wife has some stuff already from when she used to have an apartment when she lived alone in Texas. It helps to already have things so we aren't starting from complete scratch. Also saw a baby bullet, the baby food processor. We really want to get one of those. I'm sure it will end up on one of our registries. Reminds me that we need to start thinking about getting a few of those done too. Baby shower is in August.

Alright, that's enough for one night. Bedtime now. (possibly after a bowl of butter pecan ice cream!!)

PUKE FACTOR= 0x (hasn't in a while)

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