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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 14 Day 2


Oh man, I just stuffed myself with some leftover corned beef and cabbage! So delicious. Anyways I am on my lunch break and I got a call from my wife telling me that she got an email from our agent saying that the listing agent wouldn't take a money order(which is what I gave him) for he credit/background check. He only will take cash. Now come on, a money order is the same as cash. You don't have to wait for funds or anything like a personal check. The listing agent is a real pain. Maybe he should give it to someone else. I feel bad for our realtor because he won't make much off of us and now he has to deal with headaches. We want to get out by the weekend and everyday we are set back another day it seems. Sure is frustrating.

Also got a bunch of hams in today at work. Time to set up for Easter.

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  Well our realtor talked to the broker of the company that the listing agent works for. Turns out he is NOT supposed to be asking for only cash for the credit/background check. So I don't know if we got him in a lot of trouble or not, but I really don't care. We really want that place. Also the broker took over and is using our money order and getting the process going. It is already a rip-off charging 45 dollars per applicant for a credit/background check when they don't cost anywhere near that. My dad is a realtor and he said a credit check costs like 9 dollars. So they just pocket the extra money. Whatever, it is what it is.

Came home from work and dinner was just about ready. I love when that happens. Had a small side salad and some Cheesy Tuna Helper (1 dollar for tuna helper, 50 cents for a can of tuna x2= $2.00 meal). And it was good! Can't beat that. I really need to boil some eggs to take for lunch. But I am too lazy. Maybe in the morning.

Has anyone seen the new TV show Splash? Caught a little bit of that while we were eating dinner. HOW STUPID. What will they come up with next? Come on, now they have celebrities diving into water and being judged? Pretty soon they will have a show where they see what celebrity can sit down in a chair the fastest. AND PEOPLE WILL WATCH IT.

My wife was supposed to have a doctors appointment today but it was cancelled because the doctor had to go to the hospital to deliver a baby! So now she goes next Tuesday instead.

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