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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 14 Day 3


Greek yogurt, toast with cherry preserves(weird, but was pretty good), and a hard boiled egg. Healthy breakfast to start the day. I have to work at 1pm until 9pm. Also had to wash my clothes for work since it hasn't been done in a while(yuck).

It looks like the ball is rolling on the rental. I filled out the whole application for the credit/background check just waiting on my mom. She hadn't received the email last time I talked to her. So once that gets going we should be good. We spent some time figuring out our budget this morning and we should be just fine. We have a lot of things we could get rid of too if we absolutely needed to.

Grandma and Grandpa just got back from breakfast and Menards. She brought home some Curly's Baby Back Ribs from Menards for dinner. I have had them before and they are REALLY good! Too bad I won't be home for dinner. Maybe they will leave me some leftovers.


Pretty much done with my work already. Just eating a snack on break. I made some golden rainbow trout for samples. It's really good. Try it sometime if your local store has some. It is similar in taste to salmon.

Big Blackhawks game tonight. Playing Anaheim, who are doing almost as good as the Hawks.

Better get back into work before I get into trouble!


Well, all kinds of good news tonight.

  1. WE GOT APPROVED FOR THE LEASE. And it sounds like I was approved on my own! No cosigner.... (we'll see).
  2. This blog has over 1000 pageviews! I think thats pretty impressive in only a few weeks. And no, I don't track my own pageviews.
  3. The hawks are getting outplayed, the game is tied, but they are still getting pushed around pretty good. (and I am not sure why this is under good news because it isn't.)

My dad is in town tonight and tomorrow so we are going to meet up with him for breakfast. Hopefully I will have a copy of the lease by the morning so we can go over it and get it taken care of.

I am extremely worn out from work. Got a couple pallets of hams priced. My left knee has really been bothering me lately and heavy work doesn't help. So now it already feels sore, I can't imagine how it will feel tomorrow. At least I am off work.

My grandma made baby back ribs and some sides for dinner. I had to eat leftover but it was delicious!

My wife said she threw up today. However, she thinks it was from having a migrane and not related to the pregnancy. Tomorrow she has to go a diagnostics center to have prenatal bloodwork done and a urine sample. And it looks like we need to do a little shopping to get ready for a new place, we don't have plates, silverware, couches, table, chairs, stools, all kinds of stuff. Most will have to be accumulated over time.

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