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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 33 Day 6 - This Is Why I'm Fat.


My wife is up making me breakfast. She can be pretty good, sometimes.

Check that out. She always make me some fancy meals. This is why I am gaining more weight than she is.

I have to go to work soon, another late shift. Nobody likes working until 8 or 9 o'clock at night, but we figured that it might be beneficial for when the baby is here. Think about it. She is off Saturday, and Sunday. There is two days there that we won't need a babysitter. Her mom should be able to watch her on Mondays. There is day 3 of no babysitter. I am usually off Tuesday, and Wednesday, or two other days during the week. There is day 4 and 5 of no babysitter needed. So if I start at noon on the other two days, I won't be getting up at 5am to take her to a babysitter, in order to get to work by 7am or 8am. Perfect.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 33 Day 5 - Better Late, Than Never - 32 Week Photos


It's the moment you have all been waiting for....

Drumroll please...

*drumroll begins*


Maybe it's not the moment you all have been waiting for, but it's pretty exciting. Finally got the pictures from 32 weeks ready. So what better day than today?

She's getting bigger! But she still doesn't seem as big as other people that are around 32 weeks pregnant. Trust me, she has compared, several times.

And again, thanks to the Simple & Stunning Etsy shop, for the great pregnancy sticker set.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 33 Day 4 - The Baby's Skull Morphs During Delivery?


Finally a nice day in Chicago, the last few were a little colder than normal, and rainy.

I found out a weird fact today. Did you know that as a fetus, by week 33, the bones in the skull are formed, but they aren't fused. They actually don't fuse until early adulthood. The bones in the skull can actually overlap, to help the baby move through the birth canal during delivery. This, I did not know. I wonder if my skull is fused now? Hmm. I think I am past early adulthood....

Baby is about 5.5 lbs, a little larger than normal for this week. Normal is around 5 pounds. They come up with the 5.5lbs from the ultrasound measurements. In the third trimester, the ultrasound measurements are the least accurate, as far as due dates are concerned. They can be (+/-) 3 weeks difference.

That's all for today. Don't really feel like writing. What's for dinner?

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Question of the day:

How old were you when you had your first child?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 33 Day 3 - Escaping Babies


I'm watching Steve Harvey on television right now. He is featuring a dad that spoils his daughter. Now this may sound normal, most dads try their best to give their children everything they can. But this daughter is 28 years old. He has had to work 3 jobs, at times, to support the family's bills. All while making sure the daughter gets whatever she wants.

Went to the doctor's appointment yesterday, everything is looking good. Her blood pressure was a tad high, but nothing to worry about. Probably because she was stressed all day at work, and had to rush to make it on time to the appointment. Baby's heartbeat is at 140, which is good, and has stayed pretty consistent around there for the last few weeks. She is worried about going into labor early, but our doctor told us that only 10 percent of women go into labor early. I thought it was like 50/50 early, and late. But I guess not. However, we should be prepared, just in case.

Check out these babies escaping their cribs!

What a bunch of little sneakers! I can't wait for our little one to be here. Hopefully she is funny!

Question for the readers:

Would you spoil your child late into their 20's? Or is there a point in time where they need to support themselves? How old is too old?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 33 Day 2 - Dad Life Rap


My wife went back to work today. She is feeling a lot better. Like I said, we have a doctor's appointment after she comes home. After this one, she has to go every week, until birth.

If your a dad, or a future dad, you will enjoy these dad's rapping. It's hilarious. It's actually for Father's Day but what the heck...

This one is great too. I hope to be a cool dad like this some day. Might need to have some boys first though, not sure how a daughter would feel about this!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 33 Day 1 - Sick Pregnant Wife


33 week check-up tomorrow. She found out that some of the symptoms that she has been experiencing hint the coming of baby. She has been experiencing a little shortness of breath, sweats throughout the night, and mild heart palpitations. The doctor said these all indicate the increase in the hormone progesterone, which typically does increase a few weeks before delivery. Thankfully, all in all, she feels pretty good and doesn't have the complaints of most other pregnant women. 

The doctor is going to examine her tomorrow to make sure that everything is normal, and that she isn't beginning to efface or dilate. She can feel that the baby's head is pretty low. She has been in her head-down birthing position for quite a few weeks now. We still aren't completely ready for her, so hopefully she will extend her stay a little longer. 

She actually stayed home from work today. Looks like she might have some bacteria infection in her throat. Her doctor also explained that bacteria on the throat is likely common in pregnant women, because the immune system isn't as strong. 

She must have been pretty under the weather to have stayed home today. Luckily, she must be feeling a little better, because I made her get out to grab a burger at a local joint since she hasn't really eaten anything today. Plus I have always wanted to try it, so win-win. 

Her and her sister made some crafty baby shower decorations last night. Turned out really well. So far. They aren't finished with them all yet. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 32 Day 7 - Feeling Accomplished


Well, we accomplished a lot yesterday. We got the cake ordered, bought a bunch of supplies for decorations, and I even got two new pairs of jeans! Thank God!

So the baby shower is coming along good. Progress is being made, albeit being very expensive! We are lucky to have families that can help! But seriously, baby showers can become very expensive, quickly. 

We are doing diaper raffles. Where you bring a pack of diapers, and it enters you into a drawing where you have a chance to win a prize. We are giving away a brand new Coach purse, a Fannie May candies basket, and a Pasta Night basket, which includes all the goodies you need to make a good pasta dish. As you can see, the prizes are GOOD prizes. All we can hope for is LOTS of diapers!

We decided to buy a minivan so that we would have more space for the baby and any future children. And for everything that goes along with them. 

It's really nice.....

Ok, maybe we didn't buy a van. And I can assure you, if we did, it wouldn't be from the early '90s. 

I was getting lost in all of the crafts yesterday at Michaels Craft Store. Had to take a picture. 

Oh, and we tried a restaurant called Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza. They are all over the place, but the first one I have ever seen in Chicagoland. We had a pizza with a few cheeses, meatballs, basil, and added artichokes. It was one of their specialty pizzas. Can't remember the name, but it was one of, if not THE, best pizza I have ever had. So try it if you can. Good leftovers, too. 
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