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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 24 Day 3 - Road to 10k


Off work today. My wife texted me that she was feeling somewhat dizzy/blurry this morning while at her job. She thinks it had something to do with blood sugar levels, but now is asking what blood type I am because if the baby is different blood type than her, it can cause weird symptoms like that. Unfortunately I don't know my own blood type, but my dad is O+ and my mom is A+. Does anyone know what that would make me?


24 week belly sticker!

A BIG THANKS to our friends over at the Simple and Stunning2 Etsy shop for hooking us up with these great belly stickers! They are high-quality 4" waterproof matte round stickers. It's a great deal but even better with 15% off using promo code - PREGOFORMEN. We are excited to use them throughout the rest of our pregnancy, and only hoped we would have picked them up sooner! They also print custom birth announcements, and a nice collection of wedding invites. Well worth the money, makes your pictures much more memorable as you can see!

Visit them on Etsy or Facebook Today!


As you have probably noticed, I made a major change to the layout of the blog. I think it is better looking like this. If anyone disagrees let me know and I will consider switching it back. Until then, this is home.

My mom is taking my wife and I out to dinner tonight. It looks like we are going to a popular cajun restaurant about mid-way between our homes. I am excited because the place is really good. Expect pictures.


Headed out to dinner. It's game 7 of the series for the Blackhawks versus the Red Wings. The Hawks have to win this game to continue in the playoffs. Hope they get it!!


Had a great night! My Aunt came along for dinner so we got to catch up with her and my mom.

The dinner was really good too. I had a catfish po' boy and my wife had crawfish étouffée. A couple crawfish arancinis(spelling?) for an appetizer as well. We ended up being there for almost three hours talking!  

Oh and how could I almost forget, we made it home just in time to see the Blackhawks win in overtime!! See you next year Detroit! Now the next series is against the L.A. Kings. Should be tough but exciting. 

Crawfish Arancinis Appetizer

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