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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 33 Day 3 - Escaping Babies


I'm watching Steve Harvey on television right now. He is featuring a dad that spoils his daughter. Now this may sound normal, most dads try their best to give their children everything they can. But this daughter is 28 years old. He has had to work 3 jobs, at times, to support the family's bills. All while making sure the daughter gets whatever she wants.

Went to the doctor's appointment yesterday, everything is looking good. Her blood pressure was a tad high, but nothing to worry about. Probably because she was stressed all day at work, and had to rush to make it on time to the appointment. Baby's heartbeat is at 140, which is good, and has stayed pretty consistent around there for the last few weeks. She is worried about going into labor early, but our doctor told us that only 10 percent of women go into labor early. I thought it was like 50/50 early, and late. But I guess not. However, we should be prepared, just in case.

Check out these babies escaping their cribs!

What a bunch of little sneakers! I can't wait for our little one to be here. Hopefully she is funny!

Question for the readers:

Would you spoil your child late into their 20's? Or is there a point in time where they need to support themselves? How old is too old?

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