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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 30 Day 2 - The Crafty Vixen


Was out looking at Harley-Davidson bikes all day. Why? I don't know, not like we can afford one. I need to get rid of my sport bike though. A cruiser would be nice, just don't know what I would get. Maybe I'll just save my money for now....

2013 HD Breakout test drive
Harley Davidson Test Drive, I drove all three of these!

My wife seems to feel that the baby is going to come sooner than we expect. She is having slight contractions and her feet are swelling pretty bad. We went to the store to find a hospital overnight bag, but couldn't find anything suitable for what she wants. We will have to keep looking around and hopefully find something we like.

The Crafty Vixen

This online shop (also on Etsy!) has the coolest handmade sashes for bachelorette parties, baby showers, pageants, weddings, or whatever else you might need one for. They are fully customizable and are not expensive at all. When we received ours in the mail, I was so surprised by the quality. They are the real deal. We are going to wear them at our baby shower, and I will post more pictures of that when it comes. But in the meantime, check these things out! They are great! The ones that we got are only 16 dollars a piece, and seriously worth every penny. I wouldn't talk it up if I wasn't impressed. I'm brutally honest, people.

BTW: Use code PREGOFORMEN to save 15% off your order.  (yeah, your welcome!)

baby shower sashes male female mom dad
Matching! sashes custom baby shower custom baby sashes

We both have our own! I love it! Like I said, you can customize just about everything about them. The font, font color, sash color, feet color, etc. What's not to like? Thanks!

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