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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 24 Day 7 - Energized


Wife woke up in a great mood this morning. She is back to having plenty of energy now that we are over half way there. I remember in the first few months of pregnancy, she was always real tired and didn't want to do much of anything. Now, she is up early, making breakfast and lunch everyday. Even before we go to work in the morning she will make some pancakes or something little, and then put together both of our lunches.  I'm not complaining, that's for sure.

I'm leaving for work soon, but she said she is going to spend her time today trying to plan the baby shower invites, also going to go through the baby name book, finishing up the registry, and possibly going to shop for some maternity clothes. She is to the point now where regular clothes are just getting too uncomfortable. She tried to stick it out as long as possible with the clothes she has now,  but she is going to need a few new pairs of maternity pants, at least, for work.


My wife is having a hard time picking out a bedding set. There isn't a whole lot out there to choose from. Maybe most people get theirs custom made?

Oh and I cut myself pretty bad today at work. I would put a picture but it's too gross. Sad part is that I wasn't even cutting anything. Just slipped while taking apart the meat grinder and somehow hit it and sliced my thumb open pretty good. Bandage it up and move on. 

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