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Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 37 Day 5 - Dark Clouds Over Parenthood


While working today, some of my coworkers were giving me a little haggling about becoming a dad soon. They both have young children.  One has two, and the other has one. 

Both of them said they wouldn't want to have any more. So I had to know why?

Dude "A" is the one with two kids, both boys. I think one is around 5 years old, and the other just turned 2. He tells me stories about how his iPods go missing, tantrums, expenses, and headaches. I told him that it all seems like part of the fun! I think the point he is trying to make is that having kids is A LOT of work. And I understand that. He tells me about all of the diaper changing, and the sleepless nights. He explains how you have to constantly wait on them, and have all your attention given to them. He always gives me a hard time, saying "Your life is about to never be the same again." I'm pretty sure he means well, and is just trying to give me a strong, heads-up so that I am mentally prepared.

Lesson Learned - Kids are great, but not necessarily always fun. 

Dude "B" has a 4 year old boy that lives with his mother. They are divorced, obviously. He is a little more enlightening about being a dad. He tells me stories about how his son and him go to Navy Pier, and how they like to go to the zoo together. He doesn't get to see him as much as he likes, but he gets him a few days every other week. He also explains about how much work it is to have a child, but his was pretty tame so he didn't experience much of the "trouble" that Dude "A" seems to encounter. I was a good kid when I was young, so I can only hope that our daughter gets that trait at least. Her mom's looks and her dad's temper would be ideal. Dude "B" still says that he doesn't plan on having any more kids. Even after all the positive things he has to say. Why? He said having a kid is great, but the experiences are enough with one. But having at least one is a must. Every man should be a dad at some point in their life. The reward is something you will never know if you don't. 

Oh, and he also says how quickly they grow up. Actually I think just about everyone has told me that. 

Lesson Learned - Experience what you can with your children, in case you don't have the opportunity again. 

How about you? How do you feel about raising children? Did you want to stop at one? Do dads feel differently than moms? Let me know!

Check out the skies of Chicago tonight!

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