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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 37 Day 2 - Cars Are Baby Ready and Harry's Shaving Products


Baby is now the size of a wintermelon.

Have you heard of a wintermelon? I haven't.

We spent most of our night, last night, installing the car seat bases into both of our cars. It was actually pretty easy to do. We thought it would be a lot more difficult. We have the Britax B-Agile system, and it works very well. Hopefully we have them installed right. I'm think we do. They don't move much.

I snapped a quick picture while we were shopping at BuyBuyBaby a couple days ago. Look at that baby!

Harry's Shaving Products

$15.00 - The Truman Set

I was lucky enough to start growing facial hair later than most of my friends. I still hear about how young I look. I guess that's a good thing. When you are young you want to look older, but the opposite happens as you grow up. You always want to look younger again. Anyways, I started shaving with regular, cheap razor blades, and hated them. I eventually moved up to an electric shaver, and after a couple different styles, I still use an electric every day. It's just plain convenient. 

An electric shaver is fast, but it NEVER gets that close, smooth feel, that you get by manual shaving. This is where Harry's comes in handy. Harry's provides incredibly solid shaving products for a low price. I had the honor of trying out their "Truman Set" and it really is a piece of art. The shaver is heavy, and durable. It reminds me of the clean look of an Apple product. The set includes the Truman handle, three blades (four razors on each), a bottle of shave cream, and a shaving guide. All for 15.00 dollars.

Worth it for sure. Every guy likes the luxury of a great shave, and this kit will help him achieve that. Great as a gift, and you can also subscribe for an automatic plan, where you get more cream and blades sent monthly.


*Disclaimer - I received these products for review at no charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100%  my own and not persuaded by any compensation. If your product sucks, I will tell you it sucks.

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