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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 37 Day 3 - Penguin Waddle


Now that we are in the 37th week, which I believe is considered Full Term, we are at the point where we are ready for her to come. Maybe not ready in the sense of everything being in place, but ready in the way that we have had enough of pregnancy. My poor wife is getting pretty uncomfortable. It bothers her to lay on her back, she has to walk like a penguin (kind of funny, actually) and the baby seems to like to move around a lot and cause her some awkward feelings (like sharp pain/rubbing feelings). She described her moving in there, like the feeling of hands pushing and swiping across a filled balloon. I am thankful that I was born a man, and don't have to have any children growing inside of me. Props to you ladies out there. I cannot imagine.

Her job is starting to interview temps to fill her position for while she is off of work. If you ask me, they are a little late considering she could go early, but they wanted to wait. Hopefully baby will wait a little longer so that she has a chance to train the temp, on how to do her job, otherwise her work might be in trouble! My wife is good at what she does, and they have told her that numerous times. I know they will miss her there, and will be waiting for her to hurry back!

I was able to go out for a couple rounds of golf today with my grandpa and uncle. Anyday now, my free days off, will be spent caring for the baby. No more golfing for me. Unless someone else is around to take care of her.


  1. Hey, your golfing days will be back! (One day. Eventually.)

    1. Thanks Oren, I sure hope so!



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