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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 17 Day 4


I'm running low on data on my cell phone plan. We haven't had wifi Internet at home since we moved here so everything I do on the Internet is through cell phone data. We get charged if we go over. So I better take it easy until we get some service here.

Anyways, we got our new washer/dryer delivered and installed today!! How exciting! I'm already doing laundry and it is bigger and quieter than the last set.

I'm making pot roast and vegetables for dinner. Getting some use out of this new slow cooker.

Haven't heard anything about my job yet so ill post when I do.


Well my job opened up a higher position for me today. I have to "bid" on it alone with anyone else in the company that is qualified and applies for it. However my manager was told it is for me. They know I've wanted it for a while. So I went there and filled out the bid form. It will run for three days and then I will know. So wish me luck.

I forgot to put on here that we finally announced on Facebook a few days ago about being pregnant! We got great overwhelming responses, all positive thankfully!

She said that it feels like the baby is pushing on her bladder. The pressure of the baby weight on her bladder makes her have to go more often. She almost didn't make it to the bathroom a few minutes ago. Yikes.

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