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Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 17 Day 1


17 weeks!

I'm a little mad that it's raining outside... I thought I would be able to take the bike out. Maybe later. I have to run to my wife's work because she forgot her parking permit in my car. Don't need her car getting towed. Sometime today the cable/Internet installer is supposed to come out also.


Had a great day. I was able to take the bike out for a little bit this morning. It was still a little chilly out and really windy. Not that great to ride in. When I got back the cable installers had just pulled up so we got that taken care of too. Took about an hour. We haven't had cable TV for almost a year! Nice to have it back.

I went out on the bike again for about 45 mins before my wife got home from work. It was much nicer out and the wind subsided. It's always a good day when I can get some riding in. It's a great stress reliever. Not that I really have any at the moment.

When she came home she ran upstairs, threw on her riding gear, and we went out again. She loves going out on it. It's more fun when someone else is with you too. We went to the next town over and stopped at Old Navy because she said thy have maternity clothes. They didn't. We also went to an AT&T store to get Internet service to our house. They had some problems so they have to send a technician out to look into it. I'm dying without wifi. I only get so much data on my phone per month. I'm already running low and we have until the 23rd on this billing cycle. Not good.

I started dinner in the crockpot around 11am. I just threw some sauerkraut, smoked sausage, potatoes, and carrots in there. Turned out pretty tasty. It's the first time we have used it.

We are just going to watch some TV and get to bed. Both have to work in the morning.

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